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Greetings, and welcome to the fascinating world of miniature doll creation!  For miniaturists that find the mere thought of dolls terrifying, here's hope.  We also throw in hints, and secrets to share with the pro's.  Then, there are monthly projects and bits of history.  All in all....a nice mix for your doll creating pleasure.

As always, this service is brought to you, free of charge.  We only ask, that when you consider purchasing doll supplies -- keep us in mind.  This helps support our efforts here.
Happy Creating!
Dana of Miniature Art (l998)

Learn to create curls, tendrils, straight bangs, and wavy hair

Mae has a 'do' consisting of wavy hair, tendrils and a bun. Summer has hair pulled back into a bun, and straight bangs.

Noelle has a modern hairstyle made from large 1/2 curls.

Wigging Part II

Curls.  There are three main types of curls...spit curls, tendrils and sausage curls.  These are determined by the amount of fiber you use on your curling rod.  The more fiber, the thicker the curl.  The wider the curling rod, the bigger the curl.  Therefore, a spit curl would use roughly 1/3 of the fiber a sausage curl would use.

How to wrap a curl.  Separate a small bunch of hair.  A tiny thin (!) strand of hair.  Next, grab your plant mister and spray with water.  Take section between your fingers to smooth down any stray ends.  Grab your knitting needle, or curling rod and wrap hair around it, similar to wrapping florist tape around the stem of artificial flowers.  If you don't know this technique, your local florist shop will be happy to assist you.  Finish by wrapping end around itself several times to secure to rod.  Take your blow dryer and gently dry on low.  When cool, slide curl off the rod.

Uses for curls.  After you do your basic hair line, and pull up sides (or all this is needed) add curls directly to head.  I put a tiny dot of tacky glue, and gently push a curl on it.  Too much, and glue bleeds through, staining the hair.  Too little glue and strands of the hair fly away

**HINTS....To make one large row of curled bangs, simply curl a section of hair on a large, SZ 5 knitting needle.  When the curl is off the rod, snip off length needed for dolls' head.  Now, cut horizontally so the curl is cut in half.  Put a nice line of glue around the forehead where bangs are wanted, and lift this half curl (very carefully) and pat on glue line.  This looks very realistic, even if it does take a couple of try's to achieve.  You may use a sz 12 knitting needle for the 'snobby bob' look.....i.e. Noelle.  Simply glue on a patch of 1/2 curl, starting from bottom and working toward hair part

Wavy Tresses.  I use a fabric pleater for my hair (I use all the different sizes depending on the look I'm trying to achieve).

Customize the pleater.  First cut a strip off the rubber pleater, approx. 2" x 4".  Glue this down on a light strip of wood.  I have one strip of wood that hosts all the different sizes.    Next, create a solution in your plant mister of 2 T Downy to water.  This helps keep down the frizz's.

Pleating.  Take a small, thin section of viscose (hair) and flatten between fingers.  Spray with mister.  Lay on top of pleater.  Take the pleating cards, and push down, and run through to pleat hair.  Keep first card in that groove, and take second card and push down 2nd grove.   Keep that card in that groove.  Take out first card, and push down 3rd groove, take take 2nd card out, and push down 4th groove and so on.  When finished with hair, take a hair dryer (and with diffuser attachment - if available), gently dry hair.  When hair is completely dry, gently lift out lst groove, and continue gently pulling until all hair is out of pleater.  Wig according to basic wigging directions, see FF#1.  You can also use this for Santa beards.

**HINT- this bun is really a
knot glued on top of her head then the ends are glued under.
**HINT - to 'streak' hair,
add a lighter shade on one side of viscose strand to pleat.
**HINT - curlers are made out of pink Q-tips, cut in identical sizes, and wrapped with hair.

The instructions listed in FF are taken from my book, SECRETS, HINTS AND HOW TO's for the miniature Doll Artist.


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