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Next up is this week's how to.....
using those beautiful embroidered craft ribbons to make a

This ribbon  can be purchased at Joanne's Fabrics or your local craft store....lets CREATE!
For personal use only

Step 1.  Cut a dickey out of white material for shirt (take square, cut a triangle in top for neck).  Glue around doll's upper torso.  I always add a triangle of lace to give added definition.  But this is entirely optional. Step 2.  Tie a cravat (take piece of silk ribbon)  fold in half.  Put fold mark on front of dolls neck, bringing both side pieces to back and back around to front.  Tie bow or knot as desired.  Add a cut out of lace as an option.
Step 3.  Cut a piece of your embroidered ribbon (approx 3 & 1/4" length).  Fold under bottom edge and glue.  Cut in half.  Overlap finished edges in front of torso.  Wrap unfinished edges around to back and glue.  Use pins as necessary to hold until dry. Step 4.  Add buttons down front (we use the old packages of sequins and those wonderful little round 'holes' that come in the package.  Then adding beading as desired to vest edges.  We pick ours up with toothpicks, and glue on one at a time.

**NOTE** this is 
ONLY a great thing for faux vests ... i.e. ones that have a top coat covering.  It can work for ladies or men (just remember to switch the fastening sides).  Easy but very effective in appearance.  


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