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Happy Valentines Day
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Greetings!  And welcome to my first installment on decorating your dolls into your environment!

Every year I ponder how to add my dolls to my home in an aesthetically beautiful way.  (not the traditional dome or china cabinet -- but really show off that hard work!)

This year as I put up my Valentine Tree, I happened upon Jackie's wonderful little dolls and dressed them up to decorate my branches.  Her 3 different faces, and several sets of arms and legs allow for an incredible array of poses.

You can view these as well as other molds she has for sale - simply by clicking here.

Happy Creating!

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Step 1.  Make your Valentine Tree.  I took an old tree limb, covered it with tiny red rice lights, a rose bush (silk) and added a bow to pot.  As ornaments as desired. Step 2.  Take one of Jackie's Cherub dolls (see photo above for selection - and URL for purchasing), and paint face in colors desired.

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Step 3.  Construct dolls with pipe cleaners, and position dolls as desired for 'flight' or 'nesting' between the branches.  Use fimo for joint filler if desired. Step 4.  Cut a small rectangle out of batiste or silk material, make into a tube, and arrange in folds on doll.  I squished into place with tacky glue.

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Step 5.  Add tiny gold wings (we bought ours at local craft store, gold trim around waist and shoulders, and red rose (for LOVE <G>). Step 6.  Pleat hair, and glue waves around face, and twist excess into bun.  Add tiny gold jewelry finding and place in your tree! 


Happy Valentines Day!!



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