Lillith & Lory
by Dana of Miniature Art

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Materials needed:
-small sharp scissors
-needle and thread
-glue and glue dispenser
-paint for stockings
-doll body
-viscose hair
-white batiste/cottom material
-scrap of blue ribbon for bows
-3/4 yd of thin lace



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Step 1.  Assemble Doll body after painting legs blue to match silk blue ribbon (for sash).  I used two coats of light acrylic paint, then sealed with acrylic sealer. Step 2.  These tiny little arms like to come off the glued pipecleaners, so as an added precaution, I glued a strip of lace around porcelain arm and pipecleaner.  The dabbed on a bit of super glue. Step 3.  Cut a piece of batiste
2" by 8",  then glue on lace to raw edge.



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Step 3.  Fold over batiste on lace edge to make it look like a tuck.  Glue down to stay. Step 4.  Pleat skirt in pleater for nice ridges. Step 5.  Hand gather pleats and slide up doll and attach.


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Step 6.  Wrap around piece of lace for bodice and glue edges to back.  You can glue a tiny set of pearl buttons down back if desired w/no hole beads. Step 7.  Cut two tiny tubes for sleeves (use method for skirt).  Slide up doll arm, gather shoulder hole and tie shut.  Add a bit of glue for around cuff to give definition.  Tie skirt sash, with big bow. Step 8.  Position doll on chair or standing.  Spray with fabric stiffener if desired and shape in movement.  I LOVE doing bows this way.


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Step 9.  Add tiny bow to front of dress.  Cut thin piece of lace (from bigger piece) and glue around upper shoulders making edges meet in back and glue.  I also addded a tiny choker of lace around her neck. Step 10.  Curl two long pieces of viscose in sausage curls (for directions go to our wigging How to on this site).  Glue around hair line and down front on both sides.  Repeat with second curl as shown. Step 11.  Gather piece of lace for hat.  Glue on her head (covering bald spot) and shape as desired.  Then decorate with some pretty flowers.


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**HINT****Shoes - 
to make leather like shoes...
l.  Line edges of foot with glue. 
2.  Wrap around thin piece of silk ribbon. 
3.  Gently press edges down on foot to make it look like a boot.  Paint with brown acrylic paint.   Decorate as desired.

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