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Tree Top Angel
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Greetings, and welcome to the fascinating world of miniature doll creation!  For miniaturists that find the mere thought of dolls terrifying, here's hope <G>.   Included in each issue of FF (FRILLS AND FANCY) are the very basics.  This issue we bring a project from our Christmas yours.

As always, this service is brought to you, free of charge.   We only ask, that when you consider purchasing dolls and doll supplies -- keep us in mind.  This helps support our efforts here.  Happy Holidays!

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Dana of Miniature Art (l998)

Materials needed

-Doll Body/arms
-3 1/2-4" Styrofoam cone
-small dove wings
-small rose on stem
-Viscose Hair
-small pearls
-1/2 yd stretch lace
-1 yd of white braid trim
-1 yd silk ribbon

Optional:  Snowtex and wood base 
for a collector piece

1.  Either hollow out base of Styrofoam cone to put on tree top OR apply Snow Tex to wood base, and glue Styrofoam cone on.

2.   When dry, put a big dab of white glue (we use Tacky) with a couple drops of super glue (we use Zap-a-Gap) on top of cone.  Then firmly push down doll torso and hold in place until set.  Next push a pipe cleaner through arm hole in torso, and measure appropriate length so the arms don't look like gorilla arms.  Put a drop of super glue into each arm hole and attach to pipe cleaner.  HINT...I always fill hole with tacky glue from a dispenser, and put a drop of super glue on top.  This seems to hold arms in place better.

3.   Put line of glue along side of end piece of lace (vertically) and put on cone as if to wrap (illustration A).  Push in a couple stick pins to hold, as these will be covered by the tail of the lace.  This is a big time saving device!  Use the pins underneath your hand pleating to hold in place until dry or just leave if it will be covered.  Make sure to put the pretty edged design of lace on hem.

4.   Once end is secure, simply hand pleat (accordion style) rest of lace around cone.   I do this one pleat at a time, putting a line of glue underneath fold to hold (or sneak a pin in), and go on to the next pleat.  Stop when you cover raw edge in step 3.

5.   Put a pin in the top of lace when done with step 4, and gently cut the rest of lace at a triangle to form a train.  Take the very top raw edge and glue under.  Fold or push in a few pleats to look realistic.  Glue down bottom edge of lace to wood base (if using).

6.   Next cut a small strip of lace, and after spreading a light layer of glue around torso, gently pull around waist, chest to form a bodice.  You can finger two pleats in front for darts if desired. I take a tweezers and pinch a bit of "V" shape in front bodice for cleavage (do angels have cleavage ?<G>) Let dry.

7.   Cut two more strips of lace for sleeves.  Spread a thin layer of glue around arms (above wrist area) and gently pull lace to cover for sleeves.  The best method for me is to put a  line of glue along the whole inner arm vertically.  Press an end of lace on line, hold for a bit to dry, then wrap rest of lace around arm to beginning point.  Now cut off excess, and gently 'pull' two edges together so there are no bare spaces showing through.  Don't worry about raw edges on tops of arms.  Just push these through the hole in shoulder and glue inside.  The wrists are covered by the braid so don't worry about the raw edges there.

8.   Take your braid and glue around wrists, and bodice top to form a nice finished line.  Glue trim down train to look pretty, see photo for placement.  Next glue on wings on back, with a mix of Super Glue and tacky glue.  Cover with long pleated hair if necessary and ENJOY!

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 Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

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