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Mini Doll Supplier's List
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MARY WILLIAMS Authentically dressed hand made one twelfth and one twenty fourth scale porcelain dolls
Doll Artist's Workshop
Miniature Dolls in porcelain for the discerning collector. Handcrafted by IGMA artisan Michelle Mahler. Also available are doll kits and a WIDE assortment of high quality small scale trims and fabrics. Also lots of hat making items. NEW ITEM - Miniature Iron to make the job of dressing dolls easier!!!
NADA CHRISTENSEN, LTD. A Doll Artist of over 20 years experience. Nada has a variety of Finished Dolls, Assembled and Wigged Dolls. She also has Bisque Dolls and so, so many Doll Kits to choose from. GREAT SELECTIONS!! Very reasonably priced.
NANCY GRAHAM Nancy specializes in making 2 1/4 modern fashion dolls. They are 1/4 inch scale. The body is made of a hard plastic composite. The dolls sell for $18.00 - and up. Doll kits are $8.00 each and the nude body sells for $3.00.
NOSTALGIA BY THE INCH Debbie Olson sells ORIGINAL, very lifelike, porcelain dollhouse dolls sculpted by her. The doll’s faces are china painted in up to ten firings. Debbie’s doll’s look like real people and portray people of all walks of life. They can be purchased as kits, undressed or in period costumes from Pilgrim to Hippie. You select the doll head, costume and hand pose to customize the doll to your liking. Debbie’s specialty is PORTRAIT DOLLS and like that is not enough to entice anybody she also painstakingly hooks tiny rugs made out of single strands of embroidery floss which can take up to 80 hours to make or more. You will also find many miniature accessories on her site.
Ricki Pitzner I make and costume one-of-a-kind and custom porcelain dolls in 1:12 scale using only the finest silks, cottons, vintage fabrics, trims and antique laces.  My dolls all have lifelike faces and detailed costumes
SDK MINIATURES Among contemporary furniture and kits in various scales Susan Karatjas sells plants, flowers and custom bouquets which can be used with dolls as well as individuals flowers which various doll makers are using in their work –Dana Sippel – being one of them. Susan’s bouquets are all custom orders priced according to type and number of flowers in each arrangement. Brochure available.
Small Stuff miniature digest, where a love for miniatures is shared among new Internet friends from around the world!
SWALLOW HILL DOLLS - JOY PARKER Joy is a Canadian based doll maker and supplier of doll bodies, kits, molds, patterns, wigging, etc. Many of her patterns are originals. She offers lots of FREE instructions on her site too.
TINA RODRIGUEZ Tina pours and china paints porcelain dolls, anything from men, women, toddlers, and infants. They are sold finished or unassembled. Tina also makes dolls to order. Pick your own colors for hair, eyes and outfits.
THIS BIRD FEATHER Sharon has a wonderful collection of Feathers, sea findings, fur and so much more.
Viola Williams' Dolls

Exquisite 1/12th Miniature Porcelain Dolls, Doll & Dress Kits, Hutches.

WEE WILLIE WINKIES Pearl Jordan’s wonderland of originally sculpted dolls. She has won many awards with her extremely lifelike characters.

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