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Mini Doll Supplier's List
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ALISON FLEMING Another one of our overseas doll makers. Alison creates 1/12 inch scale porcelain dolls of which some of them are for sale on her website. She also teaches doll-making workshops at home.
BETTINA’S PUPPENSTUBE Bettina, another of our German artisans carries a selection of wool, needles & patterns for mini knitting, some ready made mini knit items like clothes and accessories, biscuit reproduction dolls and some Heidi Ott dolls plus materials such as wigs and fabric. Bettina does beautiful work. Check her Web and Photo Point sites.
CARLA BENHAM'S MINIATURE ELEGANCE I stock kits for dolls, hats and many more accessories supplies such as ribbon trims and silks. I also make and sell all my own hats and accessories, gowns, flowers and dolls etc
CORONA DOLLS Rita McVinnie from Scotland offers us a collection of 1/12 scale porcelain dolls for the discerning collector. They are the result of many firings and are individually dressed using only the finest silks and laces – many of them antique!
CYNTHIA HOWE MINIATURES Exquisitely handcrafted miniature porcelain dolls and accessories.
DANA OF MINIATUREART Dana's dolls of romance has a very special touch to them that makes them very unique. Dana sells finished dolls, kits and various supplies including instruction booklets covering some basic doll making skills!
DENISE OLSON Denise offers CONTEMPORARY dolls, kits, soft fired greenware, pretty fairies etc. Denise china paints and fires her dolls at least seven times including blushing of all body parts to add a realistic skin tone.
DE'S DOLLS I carry eyes 2mm and up, mini mohair wigs size 1 ¾" and up mini collections of display items to use with dolls or doll houses, plus all supplies need to make porcelain dolls of all sizes including greenware for mini ½ SCALE 1" scale and up.
DERDRIU DOLLS Exclusive dressed miniature porcelain dolls at affordable prices.
Perfect for your dollhouse or miniature settings.

It features a variety of how-to projects as well as artisan profiles and helpful hints.

DOLLS BY ANNIE Annie presents gorgeous one of a kind and original sculpted dolls in porcelain. She has been sculpting dolls for many years and holds the status of I.G.M.A. Fellow - no two alike.
DOLLY’S MINI DRY GOODS EMPORIUM Dolly has compiled her stock with the miniaturist, dollhouse and doll maker in mind. Her inventory consists of a large assortment of Trims, Braid, Laces, Silks, Velvets and Sheers to match them just to name a few. As a very special service Dolly will search for special items understanding that lack of time, sources or other constraints can pose a real problem for some of her customers. How’s THAT for service!
DOREEN SINNETT'S DOLLS Doreen offers over 30 wonderful 1/12 scale molds for completely original sculptures. Includes men & women of all ages, children, babies, fairies, and more.  Also available, pre-waved hair, tiny wigs, and patterns.
EMILY PAIGE DOLLS Sharon makes and offers 12th scale and 24th scale porcelain doll kits.  As well as Pattern Packs with all the silks and trims to dress the dolls with.


13 Isla Ct
Roswell, NM 88201

One stop shopping. Pam Kille the owner carries many Fine Fabrics such as Silks, Velvets, imported Fine Cotton etc., available in small quantities for the miniature doll maker. Fine Trims, imported French and English Vintage laces, Millinery supplies, Leather, Patterns, Rhinestones - you want it – she’s got it! Catalog with lots of samples available.
"FOOT" - LAURIE SISSON Inventor of the 'FOOT' a wonderful way to make your doll stand on it's own without the need for a doll stand. She also carries doll making workbooks with patterns included.
GINA BELLOUS DOLLS Gina Bellous offers Exquisite Miniature  1/12th scale Dolls, Kits, Blanks & Molds,  If you are looking for a great doll with a fabulous, realistic face, come and visit.  Doll kits are her specialty.  Some patterns and supplies are also available along with online tutorials for costuming and sculpting miniature dolls.
GISELE'S MINIATURE CREATIONS Artist One of a kind 1:12 scale Porcelain dolls, Already dressed, Custom dressed dolls, Doll Kits
Grand Illusions by Giles This site features Dolls created by Dale Fluty. Turning dreams into reality he specializes in Fantasy and unique creations.
HAZEL DOWD'S LITTLE PEOPLE Hazel Dowd from the UK brings you lot’s of kits to make parasols, hats, veils, handbags, gloves, necklaces-all her own designs. She stocks packets of matching silks, trims and laces enough to complete a gown-fine glue applicators, silk ribbon and braids. Check out her NEW Gown Cabinet kit to add to your own shop setting. Hazel also accepts commissions for wedding gowns from photographs, sketches etc.
Helena's Fashion Dolls in Miniature provides our foreign members with many of the kits and supplies used on this list.

As well as providing beautifully dressed dolls, Helena designs new kits herself and is the international distributor for Dana of Miniature Art.  You can see her in classes and shows in Europe as well as the States.

HOFMAN DOLL DESIGNS Lots of photos to enjoy, plaster miniature doll molds for sale, ready to dress porcelain doll kits, and tutorials for the miniature doll artist.
HOPE'S DESIGNS Hope's websites are beautifully designed and customized for the individual. Especially made with the Miniaturist in mind. Check her prices and portfolio of finished sites. Also many printables of wallpaper and borders for your dolls special room.
HOUSE OF CARON We sell House of Caron, Parker-Levi, Paulette Stinson, Ayanna, Emanjay, Mystic, Mary dolls and Seeley molds to make dolls. We also have supplies, patterns and how-to- books.

Porcelain dolls, molds, resin doll kits, wings for fairy making.  I will soon be adding 1/12 scale doll patterns

JO'S DOLLHOUSE It has dollhouses that I have built, with building and decorating tips throughout, needlework and of course dolls!!
JULIENNE'S MINIATURE DOLLS Julienne has chosen lovely dolls' house dolls, made by true artists, and  meticulously dressed them from the bottom up, in vintage fabrics. She would also be happy to custom dress, and wig, a doll for your special need. Vintage silks, cottons, and trims available in small quantities.
KITZ! KITZ! We are back on-line at last ready to offer you secure on-line shopping for your safety and convenience with SSL & PGP encryption for your orders.
The new site displays dozens and dozens of new kits, videos, D-I-Y supplies, landscape items and all kinds of goodies for miniaturists in 1:12 and smaller scales. Kitz carries items from several well-known artisans, as well as their own line of kits. Everything carries a money back guarantee!!
LENORA’S LAMPS She has various kits available for you, just perfect for decorating your doll house or special room, including a great chandelier.
LITTLE LAMPLIGHTER Lamplighter features fine miniature lamps and lighting for the serious collector. A Big selection. Check out her website.
LITTLE OBSESSIONS Sandy Dawson offers a wide variety of miniatures and dolls made by miniaturists all over the world. Huge selection of items to choose from. Check back often since items frequently change.
LORRIE'S LOVELY  LITTLE PEOPLE Miniature Porcelain Dolls for sale or trade
LUCIE WINSKY DOLLS Lucie offers high quality porcelain dollhouse dolls to the doll artist and collector. Her dolls are available the following ways: SOFT FIRED GREENWARE, BISQUE FIRED BLANKS, CHINA PAINTED PIECES or COMPLETELY FINISHED


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