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Lady Starlight
MSAT Mini Doll Project
by Dana (Miniature Art

Materials Needed:
-Doll Body (we used Violet by S. Hoffman)
-White viscose
-Tiny, pliable blue netting (outside dress)
-white bridal tulle or netting
-various rhinestones, beads,
metallic embroidery floss,
and trims and glitter as desired.

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Step l. Paint face, construct doll, make glass slippers (see directions 1/19 list message) and make basic tube pantaloons and petticoat.

Step 2. Under dress.  Take your chiffon cut tiny rectangle, (4 1/2 x 4") and fringe bottom edge, and decorate with beads, rhinestones etc as desired.  Make into tube and slide on doll.  Gather middle for waist.  You now have a 'slip' for netting.  To do easy decoration, simply glue a zig zag line of glue and sprinkle glitter on it.

Step 3. Underskirt. Take rectangle of tiny white tulle/netting.  Folding in half, cut scalloped edge along button.  Unravel metallic bunka/thread  glue on for finish edge.  Bead, an intricate repeating design.  Gather piece and sew over basic under dress.  **OPTION** hand or machine embroider stitches w/metallic thread. 

Put another small piece of netting on top of gathered first layer for balance.

Additional Notes.....
If you are a beginner and the thought of embroidery on netting intimidates you - CHEAT!   Just glue
line of bunka/thread along bottom of netting and glue beads into the little holes (kind of like cross stitch but with
beads - we used no hole silver beads).

I originally meant to have her lift her skirts to see those pretty shoes and slip -
but she kind of evolved into this .


step4a.jpg (24212 bytes)

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Step 4. Skirt.  Take piece of blue netting (if you aren't using ours - no problem, just sprinkle literally with silver glitter to get 'star' effect).  Gather piece approx 12" x 4".  Attach just below waistline of doll, leaving front edges open so you can draw them back and see underskirt.

Pin bottom to cork, spray with fabric stiffener to get drape.

Step 5.  Cut rectangle of blue netting for bodice (approx 3 1/2 x 1").  Glue on torso, overlapping ends slightly in back.  You can add silver 'bead buttons' to hide his later.

Decorate with beads, bunka and additional netting as desired.  I added two triangle neck pieces (made ends match in back where hair will hide ends).

Step 6.  **Option** for added decoration, take small netting strip, tie a knot and drape on front of dress (see photo).  Bring one side up (asymmetrical) and leave one side hang down long.  I then added silver knot on top for accent.

If you are having problems getting the netting to stay down in a nice shape (when spraying with Fabric Stiffener)
simply take paper towel tube and slide down doll to hold in place for a bit.  NOT enough to let the material
dry and cause ridges - but enough for the shape to hold

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Step 7.  Cut small rectangle of blue netting for each sleeve, make into tube and slide on doll.  We took an additional piece of silver netting and glued on over top and added beads, bunka, to give more of a 3-D look. 

Next cut two triangle pieces of netting - your choice of blue or white (embroider edge - or glue on bunka).  Put two of triangle corners together sew.  Slide up dolls arm and gather top to slide under first layer so it flows downward nicely.  Repeat for other sleeve.

 sleeve3.jpg (6169 bytes)
sleeve4.jpg (7457 bytes)

Step 8.  Cut out small piece of silver embroidery thread and make a choker necklace, and add rhinestones.

Add earrings and bracelet if desired.

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Do basic wigging (click here for basic info) and add embroidered netting to buns - we basically did the Geisha Butterfly bun.  See directions under Geisha (click above).

Well that's it ladies - an EASY project unless you choose to keep going and going and going (like me).  Once
you get the hang of beading, embroidery you can't help but decorate every little inch!

-Painted or unpainted (your choice) Doll (Violet by Stacy Hofman)

-Wavy white hair
-Blue Stardust netting
-white tulle
-Blue stardust chiffon material
-1/3 GROSS of rhinestones
-no hole silver beads
-Blue stardust glitter
-Metallic embroidery thread
-Silver trim (for bow)

Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

Dana of Miniature Art
Sponsored by Dana of Miniature Art
Specializing in Dolls of Romance

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