5/15/01 Weekly Edition of FF
Supplement of the MSAT Mini Doll Project
- Flossie Flapper - Skirt Flounce Shaping

Step 1.  Whenever I make flounces or gathered skirts, I pleat the material first (combination of 1T Downey to a plant mister).  And then make a tube, gather top and slide on doll.


Step 2.  After I tie the top edge tight (in this case I actually sew a gathering stitch through the 'body construction material), I then spray with fabric stiffener.  Use large pins to hold 'motion' in place.  Its very important to get the bottom line before going to the next flounce.  This determines the shape of your skirt. Step 3.  Repeat with the next couple of layers.  Don't worry if they look 'poofy' as when the top layer is on, you will again spray with fabric stiffener to shape skirt.


Step 4.  When you have all your layers on (we added one more after we took this photo - Flossie has 4!) spray with fabric stiffener LIGHTLY so you don't erase the pleats.
Step 5.  With your middle finger touching your thumb, draw your hand downward to smooth out 'line'.  Then gently flip up ends and pin in motion as desired.  Let dry! 

-For full directions, click here


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