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by Dana of Miniature Art (08/25/00 issue)

Greetings!   In this mini version of our online ezine, we're going to discuss how to sculpt those bodies.

Now I know what you're thinking!  WHY?  AND I admit to learning along side of you on this one...  What I do know is that to get the various positions that you'd like, it's almost impossible from a standard porcelain figure and pipe cleaners.  I want my dolls to DO something!  Be a pinup, be a poser, bend to pick up a child!  All this can be accomplished simply by using a porcelain head/arms/legs and sculpting in the rest.  Here we go...

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body1.jpg (13717 bytes)  

Step 1

First thing you need to do is find an old porcelain torso so you have something for a pattern.  Next roll out a snake of fimo, and indent where waist would be.  

Then poke a hole into 'neck' area for the pipe cleaner to hold the head on.  Bake.

body2.jpg (8390 bytes)

Step 2

After letting cool, add round balls for chest and blend in.  Remember not to panic about the actual 'look' this will be covered up by material.  Be sure to add shoulder holes for those arms.  Bake.

Add pipe cleaner and superglue both ends ... add head.

body3.jpg (10137 bytes)

Step 3

Next add fimo for tummy, hips and generally fill out desired shape.  Bake.

body4.jpg (21073 bytes)

Final step is to either sculpt on legs/shoes or put in pipe cleaners for legs and attach to doll stand.  For photo purposes, I have taken off the head so you could see chest shape.

**HINT** notice those big shoulder pads I sculpted in?  This doll is going to be a grand old dame

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