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Advanced Directions by DANA of Miniature Art
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Greetings!  And welcome to another wonderful How To!  I had a choice of making this a web URL for you to download (and being able to have a lot more step by step photos for your creating questions) or one or two photos printed out.  Color printer ink is just running WAY to high for my gratis instructions and extra How To's.   Here are the wonderful advanced jewelry and millinery hints!  Enjoy........and as always, for any questions, please write me.

Jewelry Instructions
NECKLACE - Cut two lengths of gold chain.  Glue ends to back of neck.  Follow diagrams for placement of chain and beads/rhinestones.

EARRINGS - Cut two lengths of chain to desired length.  Glue one end to each ear lobe.  Glue larger rhinestone at ear lobe.  Next glue pearl to bottom (to simulate dangle).  Glue gold no hole beads in between for design.

***HINT***  Use a toothpick to pick up no hole beads one at a time.  I used Aileen's Tacky Glue and a pin head of superglue when needed.

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Floral Hat
1.  Shape brim from small oval of fimo.  I actually rolled it out flat, cut a circle out with an Exacto knife, pushed it down on doll's head to exact shape desired, and then flattened out edges.  Bake.  When cool, form a crown on it as desired with fimo.  Bake and let cool.

2.  Cover hat with material (or lace like photo).  Decorate as desired.   The pink flowers are fimo that has been washed with acrylic paint.

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Happy Creating!


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