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Southern Belle
Helena's April/May Project
for MSAT Mini Doll List - gratis directions
mold by Stacy Hofman

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Materials Needed:
-1/4 yard Dress Material (we used Calico here)
-1/4 yard stiff cotton for petticoat
-assorted laces and trims to decorate
-doll body (Helena used her own special arms,
we included 1/2 arms in the kit for ease in working)

Tools Needed:
-Fabric Stiffener
-Styrofoam Egg or Ball depending on your 'hoop' preference
-Needle and thread
-small sharp scissors
-glue and glue dispenser

Greetings!  This wonderfully easy pattern is made up entirely of  'Tubes' (see directions below) and two circles!  Have fun creating your masterpiece...and send those photos in to me for the contest!  For the dress gore pattern, you need to email me.  I tried making the photo same size on here (the web) but it wouldn't come close.... enjoy!

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1.  Assemble doll using a pipe cleaner armature.  Total doll height should be 5 1/2".  Leave arms off for now.

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2. Pantaloons...Cut two small rectangles from cotton and glue lace (optional) to bottom hem.  Roll in 'tube' and slide up doll leg and glue closed.  (You can make longer or shorter or decorate as desired.  I am only giving you the very BASIC directions here).  I tuck waist band into torso or gather tight to make for a small waist.  You can even gather this around her hips to give an even smaller waist size.

3.  Attach to Stand.....I usually attach to the side as you can then give movement to the dress on one side and camouflage the stand with the other side of the skirt.  Step 1.  Slide doll in doll stand holders, and add a thick line of glue around metal to hold in place.  I top that with a line of super glue.  Let set for a couple of minutes until tacky.  Now cut a piece of the cotton material and wrap (like a band aide) around metal holder and doll.  This will give added support as well as be a barrier between glue and rest of clothes.  Let dry for an hour.  Then position feet as desired.

4.  Under petticoats - Make a rectangle tube from cotton material (just like pantaloons - only larger) and slide up doll.  Decoration and number vary according to your wishes.  Note I gathered this one well below hips as I was going to put about 3 more on and didn't want the bulk near the waist.

5.  Stiff petticoat.  Cut out 9 of the dress gores from stiff/heavy cotton material.  Sew together to form circle.  Finish the hem by simply turning under and gluing to wrong side.  Add lace as desired.  Slide over styrofoam ball or egg and spray with fabric stiffener, and let dry.  Gather top to fit around waist and put on doll.

6.  Skirt.  Cut out 10-11 dress gores from patterned material.  Repeat instructions above.  Slide on doll and gather waist, tie shut.

7.  Bodice.  Measure distance from top of dress waist to top of bust.  Cut out rectangle from printed material.  Glue around bodice making sure to make ends meet in back.  Don't worry about raw edges as both will be covered.  Next glue ribbon around waist and tie bow.

8.  Attach arms with pipe cleaners into shoulder holes.  Let dry.

9.  Sleeves.  Cut two rectangles out of printed material and make tube.  Gather top and bottom.  Slide up arm, and tie shut around shoulder hole.  Gather tight bottom of sleeve so it gives the illusion of 3/4 sleeve and covers pipe cleaner armature.

10.  Bodice Drape.  Cut out 3" piece of printed material.  Fold both edges under to wrong side and glue.  Let dry.  Glue around top of bodice like illustration.  **HINT** Helena used a wide silk ribbon same color as waist sash OR you can find your own lace and do a type of Bertha look.  That is what's fun about this pattern...I give you the basics, and you come up with your own look.  Just make sure to 'pinch' the center to give it a nice little cleavage or V neck.  Add a silk flower or decorate as desired! 

Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

Dana of Miniature Art
Sponsored by Dana of Miniature Art
Specializing in Dolls of Romance

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