Sleeping Santa Directions
By Rita McVinnie
Designed by Rita McVinnie of Scotland
Corona Dolls

If you have problems with this pattern, please feel free
to contact Rita and she will help you with your Santa !!

santa9.jpg (16092 bytes)

Cut a length of hair for the beard and carefully glue it in place.

santa10.jpg (15197 bytes)

Next add his very long moustache, use very little glue here and press a little dent in the middle.

santa11.jpg (25606 bytes)

Apply a thin layer of glue along the back of the head and add the hair as shown, pressing gently into the glue.

santa12.jpg (31745 bytes)

Glue a long wisp of hair right across the top of the head and down the sides.  Pull down slightly to loosen the waves.

santa13.jpg (38802 bytes)

Now add 2 tiny whsps for his eyebrows and trim his hair and beard.
Next, blend the joins with a needle, and fluff the hair out a  little bit.
Isn't he gorgeous !!

His little hat is glued together along one seam and the fur fabric trim is glued along the bottom edge.   The little piece of fur fabric left over is rolled up and glued or stitched on the tip of his hat for a pom-pom.  The hat looks better if it is stitched or glued into a nice shape.  All he needs now is a nice comfy chair so he can have a nap.  This is one way to do Santa, but it would be interesting to see if anyone comes up with something totally different, so please feel free to use your own ideas to put your own stamp on him if you wish, but most of all, I hope you all HAVE FUN !!!!

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