Sleeping Santa Directions
By Rita McVinnie
Designed by Rita McVinnie of Scotland
Corona Dolls

If you have problems with this pattern, please feel free
to contact Rita and she will help you with your Santa !!


santa6.jpg (31005 bytes)


Now sew the leg seams.  Now you can turn the suit right side out and iron it if desired. 

santa7.jpg (13432 bytes)
Try it on your Santa and adjust the length of the sleeves and legs allowing for the bands to be added.  Add more padding on tummy now, if desired and then glue up front seam.
santa8.jpg (13820 bytes)
Glue the raw ends in on the arm, leg and front bands, then simply glue in place.  The collar is optional as it can't be seen for his lovely long hair.  Again it is just glued in place.

Now, comes the fun part,
the hair and beard, which
are actually easy.
Go on to Page 3 and enjoy !!

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