Sleeping Santa Directions
By Rita McVinnie
Designed by Rita McVinnie of Scotland
Corona Dolls

If you have problems with this pattern, please feel free
to contact Rita and she will help you with your Santa !!

santa1.jpg (16661 bytes)

To attach the legs, twist the 2 pipe cleaners together, gently not tightly, then insert them into one leg of torso, and down through the other.  Add glue to one end and insert into porcelain leg.  Check for height, should be around 6 inches, then trim end of pipe cleaners.  Glue end and insert into porcelain leg.

santa2.jpg (21218 bytes)

Wrap thin strips of wadding around each leg until the legs are the desired thickness.  Now it is time to dress your Santa doll.  If you have any questions, please fill free to write to me and I will help you.


santa3a.jpg (17368 bytes)

First sew curved back seam.

santa3.jpg (23637 bytes)

Now sew the sleeves, matching notches.  Sleeve seam goes along the top of the arm.

santa4.jpg (23528 bytes)

With right sides together sew
sleeve top seam.
Repeat for other sleeve.


santa5.jpg (22902 bytes)


Sew the small curved front seam,
leaving the straight part for the opening.


Questions - Contact Rita

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