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Frills and Fancy
by Dana of Miniature Art
Dana of Miniature Art
mini edition of our E'zine

Contemporary Wrap Sandals

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Materials Needed:

-pr of legs with bare feet
-silver embroidery floss
-rhinestones and no hole beads

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Step 1.  Unravel embroidery floss down to one strand.

Step 2.  Shape thin fimo sandal base on foot, paint toe nails if desired.  Bake, let cool.  Then paint fimo (shoe base) color desired.  Paint over with fingernail polish (for high glass and durability).

Step 3.  Cut about 6" piece of floss.  Wrap double around ankle, crossing into an 'X' in front.  **HINT** we used the 3rd hand devise for holding the foot while wraping thread.  A helper (human <G>) will also do.


sandles3.jpg (15552 bytes) Step 4.  Hold down both sides of floss on 'sole'.  Put a dot of superglue to hold in place.  HOLD the thread for about a minute in place before letting go (to allow glue to set up).  When completely dry, cut off excess thread, and gently push down edges with toothpick to blend into sandal base better.

Step 5.  Decorate as desired.

One way to decorate.  I ended up putting another rhinestone down each side.

Enjoy, and as always.... Happy Creating!

Dana of Miniature Art
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