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Enjoy and Happy Creating!
Dana of Miniature Art


-Doll body used was Julia by Stacy Hofman
-Hands by Gina Bellous
-Wavy Locks (Viscose) - med brown
-various rhinestones, beads and fine chain
-1 yard of fine lace
-1/4 yard of printed material for dress
-White 8 x 10" square of white cotton material for under garments
-accessories as desired
**NOTE Fan DOES NOT come with kit
-velvet flowers for hat from Gwen (this does come in kit)
-blue silk ribbon
-blue/metallic trim

-Small sharp scissors
-needle and thread
-tweezers with fine point
-super glue
-regular tacky glue

**NOTE as this is an intermediate level pattern, no directions were given for petticoats, pantaloons or painting shoes.
If you need help in these area's simply go to past project pages by clicking on the PROJECTS link, where photos, instructions, and details are given in abundance.


Step 1.  Cut out gores from patterned material, sew together (making sure to leave back notch open to slide doll into).
Fold under very bottom edge for hem.  Hand pleat a row of lace around back edge, glue on.  Glue another strip of straight lace to cover raw edges.

Step 2.  Stand up dress to make sure gores lay nicely flat (DO NOT IRON!) and lace is evenly pleated.

Step 3.  Slide doll into dress, pin on Styrofoam block, and pin folds into position.  Spray with Stiffen fabric stiffener, and blue dry with hair dryer (with diffuser on end).  Repeat if necessary to get into folds.

Step 4.  Cut out sleeve patterns, turn bottom edges (by cuff) under to wrong side, glue sleeve seam together, gather tops, and slide on doll arms.  Sew shut.  Position flat or as desired.  Spray with Stiffen and let dry.  I pinned arms into place, and super-glued to get this position (after putting on shawl).

Step 5.  Back view (I turned under the raw edges to inside and glued to form this V-back).  You can cover with lace or trim if desired.

Step 6.  Decorate with lace around bodice, trim around top edge of dress and shawl (piece of blue material, I wrapped around, and had her holding).  Add a fan if desired (*NOT included in kit).

Step 7.  Wrap chain around neck as shown and glue on beads and rhinestones as desired.

Step 8.  Cut out hat pattern from index card, put glue on both sides, glue on patterned material overlapping edges to underside).  Next gather lace and material (as desired) and glue to underside.  BE SURE TO CUT THAT HOLE OUT to fit nicely on doll head.  Next glue/superglue hat to head.  

Curl one long sausage curl on fat knitting needle, and glue in place under hat.  Add tendrils and sausage curls as desired.  I also added a tiny 'bun' to top where flower went.


For any questions, please write me at:

Happy Creating!

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