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Past Projects


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Greetings, and welcome to the fascinating world of miniature doll creation!  For miniaturists that find the mere thought of dolls terrifying, here's hope.  

Put your mouse pointer over each artist's heading to find the artist's email address (by the name) and/or web site (by the business name).

These projects are brought to you courtesy of the artists listed below. All project photos, instructions, and patterns, remain the property of the artist who submitted them and are to be used for personal use ONLY.  Please respect these copyrights.

Volumes by Dana of MiniatureArt
Ballerina girl Bombshell Betty
Darling Diva Edwardian Beading
Ellie Egger Erek
Face Painting I Face Painting II
Father Christmas Florida Grandma
Flossie Flapper / Shoes / Skirt
Geisha Golden Dance
Gypsy Holly Ho Ho
Ice Queen Insertion Techniques
Inside Out! (Undergarments) Jewelry
Lady Starlight  Lelu
Madame Fifi Maura
Millinery Part I Millinery Part II
Pavan Faery Doll Princess
Rachael Sandles
Sculpting Bodies Southern Belle
Southern Belle Jewelry Treetop Angel
Twins  Valentine's Fairy
Wigging Part I Wigging Part II Music Collection

Volumes by Laurie Sisson of "The Foot"
& Tina Rodriguez
Ms. 4th of July

Volumes by Rita McVinnie of Corona Dolls
Sleeping Santa 

Volumes By Priska of Regalia Miniature Dolls
Step by Step Ribbon Rose Instructions
Step by Step Shoe Painting & Decorating Instructions
Step by Step Stocking Instructions
Elizabethan Neckruff

Volumes by Michelle Mahler of Doll Artist's Workshop
Hat Making 101 - The straw boater

Volumes by Cindy Howe of Cynthia Howe Miniatures
A Blessed Noel - Christmas Tutorial
Assembling a Miniature Doll
Casting Miniature Doll Molds
China Painting Basics
Cleaning and Preparing Greenware
Dressing Adriana
Dressing Chloe
Dressing Dorothy
Hat Making 1, Page 1
Hat Making 1, Page 2
Hat Making 2, Part 1 Trimmings
Hat Making 2, Part 2 Embellishments
Hat Making 3, Part 1 Molded Crowns & Wired Brims
Hat Making Lesson 3, Part 2 Assembling your hat
Hat Making Lesson 4, References and Resources
Make a Fantasy Mermaid
Make a Santa Ornament
Making a Miniature Fairy
Mold Making Demonstration
Wet Greenware Cleaning Method

As always, this service is brought to you, free of charge. 
We only ask, that when you consider purchasing doll supplies -- keep us in mind. 
This helps support our efforts here.

Happy Creating!
Dana of Miniature Art (l998)


List Moderator
Dana of Miniature Art

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