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Greetings!  And welcome to another online issue of FF.
This month we create our storybook princess, Gaelle.  Find the story in her photo -
and explore the wonderful creating possibilities I've outlined for you here!

As always - Happy Creating!



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Step 1
Preparing doll for dressing.  If you are using a doll stand (we recommend), cut off thick  upright edges, and invert back into stand.  Add a drop of super glue to hold. Next bend metal upright slightly inward.  Now spray it mat black to help avoid seeing it under skirt.

Step 2
Preparing doll body.  I always sculpt my body shape with fimo now.  And to prove you don't need to be a master sculptor (which I am DEFINITELY not <G>) I just did a circle bottom, shoved torso into it and baked.  Next I rolled two sausages and attached to legs, body and baked.  The advantages to working with the fimo is you can insert the back of the stand into the body (before you bake) and it gives extra hold!   Please remember the shape doesn't show under the princess dress!  You REALLY can use two sausages for legs, and a pear shaped bottom.  **HINT** leave those arms off until we're to that point.  Makes dressing a WHOLE lot easier!!

Now if you simply want to do a pipe cleaner armature, and wrap with gauze until you reach your desired shape.  That is fine too.  Just make sure to attach to that doll stand.  Makes ALL the creating a whole lot easier!  Including beading!

Step 3
Underclothes.  Now we all know those medieval women probably didn't wear drawers.   However, since miniature doll collectors love nothing better than to LIFT those skirts and see whets underneath, we've simply cut a small rectangle (approx. 5"x2") of material, gathered top and glued closely to knees to provide a finished edge.  I also painted her shoes a light gold color for future enhancement later.  Now we're ready to dress.

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Step 4
Cut out rectangle for skirt 14" x 4" (this is ONLY a suggestion! - depending on your doll construction.  Measure from ground to waist and add on a tiny bit for hem (turn under bottom edge and glue to wrong side).  Hand pleat material around waist (trying to make it a bit longer in back, and higher in front so you can have her 'lifting' her skirt to see her pretty shoes!

**HINT** we hand pleat by gluing back edge to doll...then hand pleating (pinning in place), hand pleating (pinning in place) etc until you reach around back of doll again!   If you don't like the pleat, simply redo that one and re-pin.  When satisfied with look, glue pleat in place around waist.

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Step 5
Bodice.  Cut out bodice piece.  **HINT** this again is only a suggestion piece!   Remember that your actual doll might be smaller or larger then our example. Turn   edges under to raw side and glue.  Note - neckline will be completely covered by trim so you needn't worry about raw edges.  Glue back section first, wrapping around side extra to front (see photo).  Next put line of glue along front bottom edge, and wrap around to back.    You can pinch chest pleats if desired.

To finish cap sleeves, simply push down with fingers to top of arm and glue in position.  If using our doll kit, this step provides the wonderful cap type sleeves.   We will then cut a small hole where arm (pipe cleaner insert) will go to finish look.

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Glue gold embroidered string onto bodice - make sure to keep neckline square.   This is a wonderful opportunity later, for bead decoration!  If you plan on putting on the cape, you may want to end the bodice trim, just over the shoulder to provide a smoother working surface in back.

Step 6
Sleeves.  Cut two tiny rectangles (approx. 2 1/2" x 1 1/2") of cream puff material.  Glue these to arms tightly (making sure seam is underneath arm).   Next cut two strips of gold netting, and glue these on TOP of cream puff material (again making sure to have seam underneath arm).  Last cut the square of dress material.  Make into tube, gather bottom and pull tight at elbow (right below where gold netting ends).  Then gather top and slide pipe cleaner into arm hole, and tie gather shut.  The object here is to have the middle section open so you can see the white puff material through - kinda like a slash sleeve.  Lastly, glue gold ric rac around top of sleeve for decoration.

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**HINT** as you found the previous FF directions on Edwardian beading....try it here on the sleeves!  Looks wonderful!

Step 7
Cape.  Cut a 1/2 circle out of your velvet like material.  Note the size of cloak depends on height of your doll.  I made mine so that the bottom edges puddle in the back (on the floor).  You might want to make it not quite touching the ground...all up to you!  What I suggest is to simply cut out a couple sizes from paper towels until you decide which one is right for you.  Then cut out of your good material.

To attach to doll, I laid the straight edge around her shoulders and pinned each side to floor (see photo).  I then sprayed with fabric stiffener to keep in place.   Let dry thoroughly before taking out pins.  Remember her long long hair is going to cover most of her shoulders, so you don't have to panic too much about the top.   Main thing is to get the sides and back to lay in a realistic position.

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Step 8
Decoration.  Now is the FUN part!  You can use any sort of beading pattern you'd like.  I simply glued on a jewelry finding to front of bodice, and then a line of blue sequins/rhinestones around it.  I also added a couple of small gold beads to sleeves.  To make this a basic doll, I didn't add a crown or jewelry (my French Drop Necklace would look great on her!).  Don't forget to add those wonderful decorations to her shoes also!

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Step 9
Wigging.  I simply pleated two sections of hair in the 1/4" pleater (though you can use any size you wish).  I glued the first half around the bottom of head (to add fullness) and then glued a strip across the top of her head (twisting back up into a side fun).  Here is where you could add flowers, beads or a crown.  Another idea for her would be those wonderful forehead jewelry chains.

To receive a free pattern sheet, simply send a sase to me at:
Dana Sippel
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

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Supplies used include:
-Painted Doll, and Dk brown viscose hair
-Burgundy/Navy shadow Silk from France
-Navy velvet-like material with a burgundy lining
-Gold Trims, netting and beading supplies

Happy Creating!

Sponsored by Dana of Miniature Art
Specializing in Dolls of Romance
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