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DANA of Miniature Art
presents the Mini Doll list March 2000 project

Directions are for private use only.
Daily hints/tips are posted on the MSAT Mini Doll list in addition to directions below from 3/20-3/26/00.

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Tools Needed:
-small sharp scissors
-glue and glue dispenser
-zap a gap (super glue)
-fabric stiffener for draping
-wire nippers for assembly

Materials Needed:
-small piece of silk crepe or batiste (cotton can be used)
-doll body with full legs from feet to waist
-viscose (we used the pre-pleated)
-corsage pin (wand)
-two floral leaves for wings
-pearls for hair adornment
-pipe cleaner for assembly
-gold thread for hair embellishment

Pavan Construction
1.  If using doll stand, glue moss around base to cover metal.  You can also add a bit up the back of stand.

2.  Take your full legs (from feet to waist) and superglue to stand.  See illustration.  Let Dry.

1.  Cut two (4-5 " depending on length preference) squares of white material (we used silk batiste or crepe). **HINT** be sure to iron piece first so there are no wrinkles.  Lay first piece over and around hips.  I put a little more of the material to the back so it drapes nicely.  When satisfied with look, cut small hole for pipe-cleaner to go through, and glue down around hips (VERY thin layer of glue).  Spray with fabric stiffener to drape nicely.  Let air dry.  Repeat with second layer.  Remember irregular is a GOOD THING!
2.  Cut out one bodice.  Cut out neck hole.  Slide down over dolls head. Taking back half, gently fold it to the side.  Glue.  Now take front half, fold it to the side and glue.  Should look like side seams.  If needed, finger press two bust darts.  Remember, this is a FAIRY and an irregular, slightly windblown look is good!

3.  Cut a small strip of material out for belt, turn under each edge to wrong side and glue for finished edge.  Tie in back.

4.  Cut out two sleeves from rectangles.  Turn bottom edge under to wrong side and glue.  Turn one side edge under to wrong side and glue.  Create tube, and glue finished edge over raw edge.  Slide up doll’s arms and gather shoulder and tie off.  If desired.  Add a bit of glue (and let dry so it doesn’t stain material).

5.  Cut out shoulder cape and glue over shoulders a bit and down over arms to drape realistically.  **NOTE:  this is an optional piece.

6.  Wig doll (we used pleated wavy hair).  Add a bun on top head, and sew in a bit of embellishment with gold thread, and glue on a couple of pearls as desired.  Above is a close-up for your sample.  Enjoy Pavan, and as always, if any questions...please let me know!  Happy Creating......

Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

Dana of Miniature Art
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Specializing in Dolls of Romance

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