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Greetings!  And welcome to another issue of our online doll dressing newsletter, FF.  In light of the upcoming spring months, we've devoted this 'mini' issue to finishing up MINIATURE MILLINERY with DECORATIONS.

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The initial hat directions can be found in our Art of Millinery Kit.  There is also a basic rundown in a previous FF issue.

Additionally, the silk rose tool instructions are valuable to many other aspects of miniature creation as well!

As always, we appreciate your feedback!  This newsletter is created in a true sharing spirit...and we hope you enjoy our techniques.

Happy Creating!
Dana of Miniature Art (l999)

Millinery Decorations

Silk Roses

Velvet Roses

Bead Ribbon

Fimo Accessories

1.  Silk Rose Creation (Dana's Version)........
a.  Assemble your supplies.  You will need rosemaking tools, Grandmother Stovers Wallpaper glue, scissors, small tweezers and silk ribbon.  **HINT for different look on your silk ribbon, try using white or light color, and draw with magic marker line across top and bottom edge for a beautiful edged rose.
b.  Follow step by step photos below, slide silk ribbon through eye of rose tool.  Glue edge back over, wrap ribbon several times around eye to produce 'center',  twist, add glue to bottom and glue bottom edge, twist, add glue to bottom continue until desired size of rose is reached.  Cut off excess silk and glue edge to bottom.  If necessary pinch bottom of rose to form a nice little peak.
c.  Now I must admit that I can show you how to do these, but I buy mine already finished! Silk roses just aren't my thing .   And the reason we use Grandmother Stover's is that it won't bleed through silk like regular glue, seems to hold better with no flaking.  The key is to put the glue on, smooth it out, hold silk in place a second and then do the next step.  Most people use Tacky glue however.

2.  Velvet Ribbon Roses....find velvet ribbon (the kind that is velvet - like on one side, and shiny on other) and punch out a couple of different petal punches (or free cut with scissors).  Glue to silk rose middle... individual petals to achieve desired look.  We also use a fabric stiffener to get different directions.  **HINT to get really creative with this...find a shade lighter or darker of silk ribbon (for center) then outside velvet petals.  We painted the center gold in our example with a drop of fabric paint for a little metallic gloss.
3.  Bead Ribbons...take tiny hex beads, string together on small HO scale wire, and form into bows or other interesting shapes.  Looks especially nice when used against band of hat.  We especially like the look of hex, rather than round, because of the flat edge.
4.  Fimo recreate the tiny birds and other accessories seen on vintage hats...get out your favorite poly clay and start sculpting!  We took tiny finch/canary feathers to add realism to our birds tail.

Millinery Supplies For those that cannot find the basics ....we carry the following items.  Please check our supply section (click here) for more information.



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