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By Dana of Miniature Art
Dana of Miniature Art
For personal use only ~ copyright belongs to Dana of Miniature Art

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 Material Listing

Madam Fifi or off shoulder lady doll body with black mid thigh legs and black hands up to elbows
- Red glitter, red paint, nail polish (shoes)
- Synthetic (no kidding <G>) already gathered lace
- white batiste for petticoat
- various
laces and trims as desired to decorate
- red metallic/silk blend material for dress
- feathers and velvet flowers for hat
- doll hair
- fimo
- small sharp scissors, tweezers, needle and thread, super glue (I use zap-a-gap)


Gather up all your needed materials before hand.  While waiting for various stages to dry, you can go onto the next step and then let that dry.  Saves Time.

1) Create the position.  Take out your fimo, and sculpt thighs, butt and waist with a handle (like photograph).  Make the handle extra long so it will fit nice and snugly inside the doll chest cavity.  Before baking this, be sure to slip on doll chest to make sure it fits.  **BUT do not glue on torso until later!

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2) Create Shoes.  Roll out small triangle of fimo and sculpt heel and bottom of shoe on each foot.  When cool, paint bright red.  As paint is drying, sprinkle light dusting of fine red glitter on.   When paint is thoroughly dry, spray with acrylic sealer in matte.  Next coat with clear fingernail polish to diffuse glitter.  Add decoration desired, from tiny brass ornaments to jewels or beads.
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3) Create pantaloons and petticoat.  Cut a small rectangle out of white batiste.  Glue on gathered trim to bottom.  Wrap this round legs, with lots of white glue to make it look like you sewed this on.  Press with fingertips until desired position is held in place (dried).

For petticoat, cut a circle out of white batiste.  Use a small running stitch (or sewing machine) sew on 3 or 4 layers from bottom up until desired thickness is reached.   **WARNING** - Too much and your doll will be fat and the material will NOT lay right.  Take black cotton lace, and glue around the top side of petticoat to hide the raw edges (see photo).  Now take your petticoat and cut a hole in the middle and slide over the handle down to waist.  Use a gathering stitch and sew on doll.   Tack in place with corsage pins to achieve desired placement of folds.  Glue these folds in place or sew light tacks.



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4) Skirt.  Cut slightly smaller circle out of red metallic silk.  Ruffle black glittery trim for underneath edge, and on top edge glue layer of black cotton lace.  I glued both of these on and in place.   Cut small hole to slide down over handle and gather stitch shut.  Again, pin folds in place and glue/tack in desired position.
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5) Torso.  Measure piece of material that will go from just below her nipples to her waist.  Fold under both ends to wrong side and glue.  Lightly spread thin layer of glue around torso and gently press into place.  Finger pleat two pleats on side as needed.  When satisfied with look, turn under one edge in back and lay on top of raw edge (see photo above).   Tuck in extra waist material into porcelain torso.  Next add a bit of tacky glue and super glue to handle (see above photos/directions).  Slip torso over handle and let dry in place.  Take a wide piece of black ribbon (we used satin here, believe it or not) and tie in back bow.
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6) Bodice Decoration.  Cut two half moons out of black lace and glue over chest.  Outline tops of chest and around top of bodice with gold metallic braid (easy to find now because of Christmas).  Then take pulled bunka or fur and glue it onto the middle so it doesn't just look like gold ric-rac (optional).  Another option is to glue those tiny hex beads into the holes in metallic trim.  When satisfied with look, glue shoulder straps in place with bunka or thin black trim. 

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7) Sculpt long black gloves.  In your mind, picture your arm position.  Look at your existing arm, and see what you need to add to make it into a long glove.  Roll out a piece of fimo, take a toothpick and insert into roll.  Now shape the fimo into a glove shape (Photo 1).  Make sure to add the wrinkles at the elbow and pinch thin the upper edges.  Bake.

Now take the flesh colored fimo and sculpt the arm that will be showing between the glove and porcelain shoulder.  This is all but covered by her sleeve on dress, so don't worry!   (Photo 2).  Bake.

Lastly either paint with black acrylic paint (two thin coats, and spray seal with acrylic satin spray) OR paint on liquid suede paint, and hold over tea kettle until velvet finish occurs.  Allow to cool.

**NOTE**  I did this on an undressed doll to give you better photos.  Do not glue the toothpick in the porcelain shoulder / arm hole until you are at step #7.

8) Sleeves.  Gather two pieces of black lace (and whatever trim you might care to add) and glue around porcelain shoulder/fimo arm.

9) Wigging - See previous FF's for wigging directions.  The hair is simply pleated and lightly glued around her neck for that French "pouf" look.

10) Hat - See previous FF's for Millinery directions.  This is a basic hat with petticoat lace glued underneath and feathers and trim on top.  Only difference is the black velvet roses which add a WONDERFUL touch!

**Velvet roses are available from Gwen


Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

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