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Greetings!   And WELCOME  to our exciting world  of miniature doll dressing, hints and secrets.  Presenting... MAURA,
our Irish
Skating Lady. 

As always, when you consider buying dolls or doll dressing supplies, we would appreciate your business.  Not only will this give you quality work, it helps support our continued efforts here. 

Happy Creating!  And please, let us know how you like this issue.

Dana of Miniature Art (l999)
For personal use only - copyright 1999

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Pour black arms and legs

Cut Slit in head for nice part

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Build Fimo body and skates

Paint skates and dress

Step 1:  Either paint legs/arms black, or have them poured in black porcelain.  Next in pouring stage of porcelain doll, cut nice off center slit in her head for realistic part.   Then sand off heel from shoe.   After pieces are fired, build up a basic body using fimo.   Bake as directed.

Step 2:  Skates.  Make two small worms of fimo.  Gently attach one to each shoe bottom, indenting with toothpick for bar supports (3 holes - see photo for placement).  Bake.  When cool...put a drop of superglue into indent, insert tiny drawer pull (we used Houseworks).  When set, gently press on bottom roll of fimo, curving slightly at the toe.  Bake.   When cool, repaint skate bottom a metallic grey.  Next add a line of pulled bunka around top of boot for 'fur'.  Let dry.

Step 3:  Petticoat.  We used 1/2 of an vintage hankie.  Simply cut off rectangle piece of hankie (be sure to use lace  bottom), form a tube, gather top edges, and slide up doll, fastening around her waist with thread.

Step 4:  Cut out rest of pattern pieces from velvet like material.  We used doeskin suede in our sample (and kits).   This wonderful material looks like velvet, glues great, and doesn't fray.

Step 5:  Take bottom layer of skirt, gather top edges, and gently pull on top of petticoat layer.  Make sure edges meet and overlap in front, forming nice design.  When happy with folds, sew shut.
Next take top layer of skirt, and gather top edges, pulling this on top of bottom layer, again pinning and arranging folds in gather, to suit your eye.  This layer should come to almost her hips.  ***HINT:  Never gather anything around the dolls waist except the last layer....otherwise she is going to look like a weight watchers ad!  Simply too much bulk.

Step 6:  Turn jacket, right side to right side.  Sew a seam from hem to cuff on both sides.  Turn right side out.   Slide up doll's arms.  Pull jacket tight in front, cutting off excess.  I didn't dart or seam this jacket on Maura.  Simply pulled the two front pieces tight, cut off excess and glued front edges flat.  I then cut a small strip of fur material, to cover these raw edges.  Realistic and easy!  One thing need to sew those side seams using close stitches so they don't pull apart.  Next cut small rectangle of fur material, and glue down for collar and cuffs.  I then tied a big silk bow for decoration on waist, and added a bunka strip with two buttons for closure.

Step 7:  Hat.  Cut small long rectangle strip from fur material.  Turn top and bottom edges and glue towards middle on wrong side of material.  When almost dry, start at one edge and roll up forming a small log.  After gluing edge to hat, add a couple of rhinestones and feathers for decoration.

POND......I took a small round mirror and sprayed with spray glitter to simulate icy frost on a lake.  Next I took SnowTex (a snow used on ceramic houses) and covered the edges of mirror.  Maura is attached to a doll stand (glued the mirror on top).  The doll stand is covered by her petticoat.

Wigging....for directions, view past issues of FF for details.....we used the largest size pleater for nice waves.

Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)


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The kit includes painted, unassembled doll with off center part, black porcelain arms/legs, dress and fur material as well as rhinestone and feathers.  Auburn hair is included.  You may choose another color if desired. 

This mold is by Stacy Hofman. Painted and dressed by Dana Sippel of Miniature Art.



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