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by Dana of Miniature Art
Dana of Miniature Art
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Materials Needed:

Doll body (we used Stacy Hofman's Charity)
Viscose (we waved ours)
Thin velvet for skirts and sleeves - 8 x 11
White petticoat material and pantaloons - 8 x 11
yard of ruffled nylon lace for petticoat
blue flocking for "faux velvet" corset and shoes
gold finding for hair ornament
blue feathers for hair
beads and rhinestones as desired **optional**

NOTE:   The following photos are temporary.   They will be replaced with clearer color photos as soon as possible.

Construct using pipecleaner armature in upside down "U" shape.  Glue both legs into end of pipecleaner and leave rounded part for torso to slide on when you get to that step.  Wrap legs and hips as necessary to achieve a nice womanly shape.

Stockings - Find a tiny rubber stamp (we used a Fleur de Lis) and in in appropriate color.   Sprinkle embossing powder on and heat.  Let dry.  Add any other designs as desired with regular paint, we did small "stitch" stripes.  Repeat for other leg.  I also painted my legs WHITE to show the design off better.  Now if you don't have a rubber stamp, you can just leave plain.  Experiment though, this is COOL!

Shoes - Paint two light coats of desired shoe color with acrylic paint.  Seal with matte spray.  Now put a thin layer of glue over color and sprinkle with packet of flocking.  Be sure to sprinkle over a piece of paper so you can save flocking for other shoe.

**OPTION** - To make shoes even prettier, try sprinkling a matching color embossing powder into flocking.  Then use your heat gun to set both flocking and embossing powder.

**OPTION** - Take an extra miniature flower (from paper) and sprinkle with your embossing powder, heat and glue to front of shoe for ornament.

- These are made very simple as you are showing off the frilly petticoats.  Simply take two rectangles of white material, folding over both ends and gluing to wrong side.  Then simply glue into a tube and slide up dolls legs.   Gather and tie shut.

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Cut out circle including waist hole from white petticoat material.  Sew on three rounds of synthetic lace on one side, and one round the very edge of top side.  Slide on doll and hand stitch some nip and tucks to get it to the shape you want OR just run a gathering stitch along the bottom.  Your choice.  Spray with stiffy for even more control over look.  For more specific directions on making the petticoat and skirt, please refer to my Madame Fifi directions.  This has color, step by step directions.  Click on the Projects button.

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Cut out circle from thin blue velvet material.  Gather top and glue on over petticoat in appropriate folds.

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Before you put torso of doll on legs/hips, put line of glue around chest, just under arms, down to the bottom.  Sprinkle flocking on as needed and pat into glue.  Repeat as necessary to cover.  Set aside to dry.  Attach torso to legs and tie silk ribbon around waist with bow (this helps hide the joint).

Cut two rectangles from velvet into tubes.  Gather and slide up arms as desired, gathering right below shoulder.  Cut a piece of trim from edge of petticoat material to cover top of flocked torso, and around arms.

Hair ornament... after doing basic wigging line and gluing on waves (see my Frills and Fancy pages for many helpful color photos on wigging)... take out the brass finding, and paint with blue paint or flocking as desired.  We bent ours into a "U" shape and glued to tope of head with a couple of feathers.

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**OPTIONAL**  This is not included in the kit but if you'd like to make a jewelled broach for her bodices, simply roll out a TINY piece of fimo and shape into a small bow.  Then poke tiny beads or rhinestones into fimo and bake.  After cooled, carefully go over the whole thing with fingernail polish to prevent "stones" from falling out.

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Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

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