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Dana of Miniature Art presents

Mini Break
Jewelry Project
For personal use only

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Necklace Design
on Velvet Ribbon  Case

Greetings!  And welcome to our first EASY project!!
The necklace is made up entirely of those tiny
little beads and a few rhinestones.  The case is made from velvet ribbon and an
index card.
Dana (Miniature Art)
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

1.  Take a small square (1 inch) of velvet ribbon, fold in half, cut along seam.

2.  Make a sandwich.  Cut a tiny rectangle from index card.  Put glue on both sides, and attach
velvet ribbon to each.  Set aside to dry.  When dry, fold in half lengthwise
to resemble photo above. If necessary add a bit more glue along edges to achieve
nice pressed edge.

3.  Following pattern below, glue on beads.  Enjoy!
**HINT** - finish necklace with a coating of nail polish to help seal and protect

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You can also use the above directions to glue around doll.  I've taken a tiny bit of gold chain and then glued the beads on that (and rhinestones).  For the earrings I simply put a drop of super glue on her ears and put a snippet of chain, let dangle down, and then super glued a bead on the end for a drop earring effect.


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