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Dana of Miniature Art
Dana of Miniature Art

Putting that doll together with underclothes from vintage hankies!!!

For personal use only

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1.  Easy way to put dolls together using the pipe cleaner method.  I use the extra thick, heavy duty craft piper cleaners, twisting two together for strength.  I then insert in torso and legs.  Make sure to measure so that doll is approx. 5 1/2" tall.

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2.  To make easy pantaloons, simply cut two small rectangles from your cotton material, and make tubes (i.e. turn under bottom edge, and one side edge to wrong side and glue.  Now place that finished edge over raw edge to form tube). 

Slide tube up doll's leg, fitting top under torso for smooth look.  Repeat for other side.

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3.  Position doll as desired and put on doll stand.  I usually wrap top of dolls hips with gauze (to give her shape).  I have discovered a wonderful new super glue - cosmofix industrial strength (I'm guessing at that word).  It dries instantly and works WAY better than zap a gap.  For an American distributor, you could try Falicon Miniatures (CA).  I know he bought several bottles. 

**NEW HINT** I've practiced coating the gauze with super glue - light coats- to retain hip shape.  Otherwise when you pull your material taunt, the hips sometimes disappear.  Works well - just let dry thoroughly!!

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4.  When satisfied with pose, wrap small piece of cotton material around doll stand/doll so that any stray wet patches of glue or super glue don't soak into your dress.

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Quick and Easy Petticoats
from Hankies!!

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1a.  Cut off one pretty corner (if it is embroidered especially nice). Then measure the height of your doll from floor to just below waist.  Cut one full end to this height, and then as much of the other as you can (remember it will be a tad bit shorter because you cut a pretty edge off!).

Iron to flatten nicely, and then make two tubes from the rectangle pieces (smaller piece on the inside). 

If you are especially clever, you might even be able to get matching pantaloons out instead of using plain material (from above).

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2a.  Take smaller rectangle, and add tiny lace to wrong side (glue) so it just peeks out....gather waist and slide up doll and tie shut.  It doesn't have to be full and pretty.... the main function is to hide the doll stand from the INSIDE!  See photo.

Next determine how much of your petticoat (lst layer will be showing!)  If doll is lifting her skirt up say on one side, that is where I would put the emphasis on lace. 

So after determining where the inside petticoat will show, glue your pretty triangle in that spot.

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3a.  Take larger outside rectangle, and pin opening in place (see how you can use the scalloped edges to kinda have a 
'curtain effect' over your pretty triangle.  When you like the position of petticoat, gather the top, and then spray flat with fabric stiffener to give depth to later draping! 

The main function of this top petticoat is to hide the doll stand from the OUTSIDE!

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**REMEMBER to spray LIGHTLY where you glued, or the stiffener will undo the glue.  Be sure to let dry thoroughly (this is why I like doing wash while dressing need to get up every 45 minutes or so and it saves wear on your back and eyes, not to mention letting things dry instead of trying to hurry them along!)

**HINT*** the petticoat is a HEAVY item (or was sometimes)...give it HEAVY fold lines -- not whispy fly away lines, but straight pinned lines (see historical books for positioning on underclothes).

Dress as desired and watch for more easy directions in our next FF issue!

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Ok - if you're saying, been there, done that....try this extra step.....

1c.  Add a lace NYLON top petticoat using  pretty lace embroidered on netting.  Gives the illusion of wide lace but yet it lets the inner folds show through. io9.jpg (34005 bytes)
io9a.jpg (21712 bytes)
2c.  HOW?  While the 2nd layer is still WET from the fabric stiffner, pin a wide piece of nylon lace around the top so that the pretty ruffles show on bottom!  You have to be VERY careful not to pull out the wet skirt underneath.  Doing it WET however, allows you to play with the folds AND the new layer to create a more flowing look.  After you are satisfied, spray top layer LIGHTLY and let dry thoroughly - like an hour!  Looks great but is definitely NOT for someone who hasn't practiced first <G>....

Enjoy your dolls and Happy Creating!



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