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December 2000

Sponsored by Dana of Miniature Art

Dana of Miniature Art
Holly Ho Ho

For personal use only, copyright 2000

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Greetings!  And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  This issue is my 'creative' Christmas card for you, my wonderful friends and 'miniature family'.

Holly Ho-Ho can be created for use anytime of the year.  She has that versatile, contemporary look that goes just about anywhere.  Her kit does come with bulb lights, but it is your choice whether to use them or not!

One last note is the wonderful flowers pictured to the right, they were created by Anja.

Materials Needed:
-Napa Red (Americana paint for shoes)
-Doll body
-Viscose (hair)
-Small piece of holiday material
-accessories as desired
-wire for earrings, beads, rhinestones etc

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Step 1.  Construct Body.  Use sculpting (fimo) method or Pipe
cleaner assembly
.  Paint shoes
hollyh2.jpg (13198 bytes) Step 2.  Cut out patterns from paper towel (to check fit), and then from material. 

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Step 3Pleat slip, skirt, form tube, gather top and sew on  below doll's wais
hollyh4.jpg (10758 bytes) Step 4.  Fold under front sides of sleeveless bodice.  Put line of glue around neck opening, slide over head, attach back.  Let Dry.  Then wrap front sides around to side seams, and glue flat.  Make sure you have a nice tight fit to give her that shape
hollyh5.jpg (22532 bytes) Step 5.  Gather a tiny bit of lace for jabbot at bodice.  Cut out two sleeves, turn right sides together, sew side seam.  Turn right side out, slide up arm, gather top if necessary, sew shut.
hollyh6.jpg (26132 bytes) Step 6.  Create Holly's jewelry.  Make a jig out of pins and cork board.  Wrap thin wire around pins.  Repeat 3x total.  Glue on rhinestones, beads, pearls as desired.  Leave enough of the wire ends on two designs for dangle earring.  Glue finished pieces on Holly

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Step 7.  Wigging.  Make basic hairline.  Then take size 15 knitting needles and make about 4 sausage type curls.  Gently cut in half horizontally.  Pick out sections with a tweezers and glue to simulate 'Snob Bob' style.  When glue is dry, gently pick with corsage pin to smooth together curls.

Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)



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