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Gypsy by DANA
of Miniature Art

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Step 1.  I took Cindy's sexy new mold and added full legs from Jackie Caron's House of Caron.  Then sculpted a tiny waist, rump and hips to give sexy outline.  Before cooking, I bent over a stand, and hooked into fimo to hold her standing.

Step 2.  Take white cotton material, with give, but NOT see through!  Cut out two circles using a CD (regular music CD) as a guide.  I cut a little hole into one over petticoat (one with lace) and a big hole in other (for tiny 'fill' petticoat).  You can add length if you want it a bit longer.

Step 3.  Take wonderful rubber stamp ink, (I love BRILLIANCE) and wet a paint brush, 'painting and letting color BLEED into cotton lace'.  Dry thoroughly. Step 4.  Take inner petticoat (as described in step #2) and gather top. Tie above knees to fill in dress bottom.  Add decoration if desired.

I took cream silk ribbon, bled another color ink on it and then ran a gathering stitch down center for trim

Step 5.  Now gather 'inked' lace, and sew or glue around top petticoat.  When dry, pin in place and lightly spray with hair spray to control bulk. Step 6.  Cut out small rectangle waistband, and glue around waist.  Then cut CD size skirt, glue under bottom and top edge.  Slide over torso head, settle around waist (gather a bit if needed)...and then pin 'motion' in place and spray.  Let dry thoroughly.

**NOTE** if you are a beginner, you might leave this until AFTER top is done.

Step 7.  Cut small rectangle out of cotton material.  Glue around torso, pink pleating bust darts if needed.  I like to squeeze with tweezers (add glue underneath) to give it shape. Step 8. Cut two rectangles out of cotton for sleeves.  Make into tubes.  Gather top and slide up dolls arm. 

Step 9.  Squish down for fullness.  Insert into doll torso with a bit a glue and let dry. Step 10.  Add belt of contrasting material, jewelry and buckle.  I super glued her hands to hold her 'dress' up in that position and super glued her HAND to her head using zap a gap and 'kicker' to dry it instantly!  BUT if you aren't sure of yourself - don't glue hand to head, just position it.  This is NOT for the faint of heart <G>

Step 11.  Front position of doll. Step 12.  Back position of doll.

Step 13.  Side position, notice that I pulled up a bit of the lace petticoat into 'hand held section' of the skirt to fill in. Step 14.  HAIR - take black viscose and following basic wigging (see elsewhere on my FF site) pleat in 1/2" pleater.  Blow dry and when cool, pull out.  Now glue basic hairline on head, and lay strip from nose to neck.  Gently pull back over forehead and glue on tendrils as desired.



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