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Golden Dance
Romantic Old Couple

By Dana of Miniature Art
Dana of Miniature Art

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Click HERE for the instructions for
Elvira's dance partner "Gerald"

For personal use only - Copyright August 2001


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Grandma/Grandpa by Parker Levi (House of Caron) torso's.  

Doreen Sinnet hands

Step 1Assemble doll.   Make two tubes of cotton material for pantaloons.  Cut one rectangle for underslip, glue on.

Paint shoes as desired...we used the Lady Starlight

(also a MSAT project) directions for class slipper type.

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Step 2. Cut a strip of pre-gathered ruffle.  Glue around bottom edge of slip.  

Cut another strip, glue ends together forming circle.  Fold in half and glue under slip hem.

Step 3.  Add shoulder straps.
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Step 4.  Glue in a little movement or sew some stay stiches OR spray with fabric stiffener. Step 5.  Cut out tulle over dress piece, and gather from A-B to form 'bustle' in back.  Pin, glue and let dry.
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Step 6.  Cut out rectangle from tulle.  Cut small v neck in piece (or use our pattern piece for exact measurements.
Lay over dolls head, and overlap sides, glue to torso.
Step 7.  Glue down front and back (use fingers if necessary to hold).
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Step 8.  Make sure v-neck lines up nicely as an overdress. Step 9.  Fold each shoulder down to arm hole and glue.  Leave a tiny hole for arm pipecleaners.
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Step 10.  Cut two sleeves from pattern piece (out of tulle).  Gather Sew each side edge together, and slide up doll's arms.  Next gather shoulder holes, and tie shut.  We overlapped wrists to form a kind of cuff. Step 11.  Add trim, beads and rhinestones as desired.  We added a silver bow to back bustle, and tiny scrap of ruffled lace for neckline.  Then some silver beads for design (broach).
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Step 12.  Glue basic wig hairline (see other MSAT projects for wigging how to directions).  Twist hair on one side.   Add glue to front, pleat a piece of hair (for wave) and glue on across forehead. Step 13.  Decorate bun as desired.  Shown above is beads and rhinestones.

Pattern is available (free) by snail mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

Dana of Miniature Art
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Specializing in Dolls of Romance

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