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Greetings! And welcome to another FF issue.  Our humorous 'FLORIDA GRANDMA' is dedicated to all those wonderful 'older' ladies that keep the parties colorful.
For personal use only - Copyright belongs to Dana of Miniature Art

Florida Grandma Directions:

Materials Needed:
-Doll Body (we used our #LB231, w/special bare feet legs,
attached at thighs)
-loud calico material
-small square of poly clay

Tools Needed:
-small sharp scissors
-glue and glue dispenser

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Legs.  We took a pair of bare feet, porcelain to mid thigh, and attached them together (crossed at thigh) during the green ware stage.   You can simulate this by using a dab of tacky glue and super glue.  If you order the kit, they arrive attached.  Next take a small piece of fimo (in color to match your dress material), and cover bottom of foot with thin layer (sole of shoe).   Put a narrow strip of fimo across top of shoe, attach at sides for 'sandal' look. To achieve the look of the two small front straps, I took one large strip, and gently 'sliced' it in half, two form two even strips.  I then re-attached to sides of shoes.    Bake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.  When cool, sculpt on a funky heel.   Bake again.  Paint in desired color.  I added light pink nail polish, and fine glitter to give it the glitzy look.  Another tip for 'bumpy' fimo is to paint it with clear fingernail polish, and then acrylic paint it in your choice of colors.   After all has been completed...we used fabric stiffener to material, and cut out a couple of flowers as shoe accents. After gluing on, run over top of flower with fingernail polish to give it 'plastic' look.  If needed shape with a stick pin while drying.
* achieve that natural 'worn' look of leather.....I BURNT my fimo by leaving it in extra long, and it turned brown and looks aged!!

2. Body building.  We took fimo to sculpt a body.  I wanted a character look, complete with rolls....which is hard to simulate with material.  Be sure to insert a pipe cleaner into sculpted body and legs for stability.  I left the arms off at this point.  The main areas to concentrate on are saggy chest, rolls for stomach, and top of legs.

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3.  Bodice. Cut out bodice piece from calico material.  Gently turn 'A' under to wrong side and glue.  Next spread a thin layer of glue over front of chest, let dry until tacky, and gently finger press bodice on front of body (so it clings to her shape).  We finger pressed darts in as needed so material lays flat.  Take a tweezers, and gently squish a pleated front 'B' (see photo).  Hold tweezers until shape is set.  Next cut in two side slits 'C'.  Turn under top edge of  lower bodice, and bring round to back and glue down.  Take other lower bodice section, repeat, and glue to back (making sure ends just meet). Now turn under side edges of upper bodice, and glue to wrong side, repeat with other side.  Put a line of glue from bodice, up around neck (to make the keyhole back dress).  Make edges just meet behind neck (like halter style), and glue to body.   Fold down extra material on sides and glue to body, so it clings to shape.   Cut off extra material as needed to make bodice lay flat.  We used an orange stick, to gently roll out the folds.  Leave arms/sleeves off for now

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4.  Skirt.  Cut skirt pattern from calico material.  This skirt is created simply by three drapes.   Turn under all edges on pattern (indicated by slash marks) to wrong side, and glue to wrong side to create finished edge.  Place and glue V shape front of skirt, over raw edges of bodice in front.  Wrap side 'A' to back, and glue vertically from back waist down to just under seat  (see illustration #2 above).  Pull side 'B' across front of doll (see illustration #1& #2) and wrap to back, and along top of raw edge A, gluing in place.  Gently press realistic folds into skirt as shown in illustration #3.  We used a fabric stiffener to hold pleats.

5.  Sleeves.  Cut two out of calico material.  Turn 'A' & 'B' edges under to wrong side and glue.   Forming tube, place edge 'B' over raw edge of 'C'.  When dry, gather top edge of sleeve, slide up doll's arm, and tie shut.

Options.....we added a wicker brim hat, with a band of material from dress...old bead necklace and earrings.....AND of course a cocktail to relax <G>.

Pattern is available (free) by mail with a SASE to the address below.

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)


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