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presents the Mini Doll list Easter 2001  project

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Greetings!  And welcome to this month's FREE project FLOSSIE FLAPPER!! This doll was created by DANA from a Gina Bellous Mold.


Happy Creating!

Flossie's Shoes Directions ~ Flossie's Skirt Directions

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Now in the true flapper tradition, the breasts were bound forming a nice tube bodice. Since Gina's doll has such a wonderful buxom, which would be a problem for non kiln owners to fix, we disguised our 'dilemma' with this design.   Otherwise I would simply file the green ware flat.

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Step 1.  Following basic painting directions and construction method, assemble your doll.  

We gave FLOSSIE an extra sultry look with grey shadow (i.e. acrylic paint) on corners of eyes, and then painted black eye lashes over the top.

Step 2.  Paint light coat of acrylic paint on shoe for base (this was  Roseberry by Accent).  When dry, paint two light coats of pewter nail polish over the top for shine.  Next I added silver beads for decoration.  

Click here for detailed directions on decoration.

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Step 3.  Position your doll on her doll stand.  I made one leg up to give a bit of movement to show off those pretty flounces of the skirt.

**HINT - spray paint stand black so it doesn't show as much or use Laurie Sisson's FOOT for free standing dolls.

Add lace to bottom for slip.

Step 4. Cut out three layers of silk for skirt.  Sew short sides together, and gather around top, slide on doll and tie shut.  Repeat other two layers.  Spray with fabric stiffener for draping.  **See detailed directions in the 5/7 FF weekly issue.

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Step 5.  Cut rectangle of heavy silk for bodice, covering raw edges of 1-3 skirt layers.  Then add the final skirt layer over top.  The top raw edges are covered with a very pretty sash. 

The reason for the 4th layer is a too LONG waisted bodice makes this doll out of proportion.

Step 6.  Cut small rectangle out of heavy silk, fold both horizontal edges to back and glue forming finished edges.  Now glue around raw edges of skirt, and decorate as desired.  We used silver trim, silver flat glitter rounds, and silver no hole beads.

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Step 7.  Cut rectangle out of darker silk.  Gather sides and bottom to form a bandeau like bra.  Glue on for faux front (see photo)   Add two thin straps of silver thread.  

Cut bodice rectangle out, turn both horizontal edges in to wrong side and glue, forming flat tube.  Glue one side edge under to wrong side to form finished edge.  Over lap ends as shown and glue in back.  Add silver buttons down back when finished dressing.

Step 8.  Cut small rectangle out for sleeves.  Form tube, glue on doll arm, and slide arm (with pipe cleaner attached) into shoulder hole.

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Step 9.  Pull down shoulder bodice as shown.  LIGHTLY glue in place.  I added a faux pleat to give it more depth.

Decorate with jewelry from silver beads/trim as desired.  We used a bit of superglue to attach trim to porcelain.

Last step is to do basic wig hair line, and glue pleated hair over head.   I then added feathers and a velvet flower.  Both of these are  included in kit.

One hint here for wigging, is when gluing hair around head, style with corsage pin, so pleat is lined up AROUND ear and smoothed down in back.  Cut short by nape of neck.  Add a tiny piece of pleated hair for ear curl.

   Enjoy!! -

For material pattern, send SASE to

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083

(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

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