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Dana of MiniatureArt
Dana of Miniature Art


Father Christmas
Project for personal use only - Copyright 1998

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Greetings, and welcome to the fascinating world of miniature doll creation!  For miniaturists that find the mere thought of dolls terrifying, here's hope <G>.   In this issue of FF, we create a very basic, beginner friendly Father Christmas.  He was purposely left 'plain' so you could decorate to your taste.  Also in this issue, we start exploring Millinery in Miniature.

As always, this service is brought to you, free of charge.  We only ask, that when you consider purchasing doll supplies -- keep us in mind.  This helps support our efforts here.

Happy Creating!
Dana of Miniature Art ( l998)

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Material List:
-Fur, or fur like material
-Coat material (we use Doeskin Suede for a velvet like appearance that doesn't shed)
-Matching material for vest
-Trim as desired
Doll Construction:
-Doll body, (legs optional if using Styrofoam base)
-Pipe cleaners for legs/arms construction
-Elastic wrap (if desired to thicken and protect limbs)
Tools Needed:
-Small Sharp scissors
-Glue and glue dispenser (we use Tacky Glue)
-Super glue (we use Zap a Gap)
-Wire Cutters (for cutting pipe cleaners)
-Stick pins
Backdrop.....This step is optional.  I chose to make a miniature setting, using a wood base bought at a craft shop, covered with Snow Tex (look at your craft shop...kind of instant snow), and then add glitter for realism.  **NOTE...if you are using a Styrofoam base for your doll (we used a 3" cone, with top cut off, doll body glued on.  Make sure doll's height is 5 1/2-6" depending on your personal preference), glue the Styrofoam base on wood base, then add 'snow' around base and let dry.
Doll construction.....You have two choices.
1) Use the Styrofoam base, and top half of doll body (as described above in backdrop).   The base is covered by skirt, and holds the shape nicely.  You attach the arms, with a pipe cleaner running through shoulder hole.  Glue arms on pipe cleaner ends.  Make sure, that when arms fall naturally down, they should reach mid thigh

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2) Construct arms/body as directed above.  Push a tiny bit of cotton ball up body cavity to act as filler.  Double twist pipe cleaners for legs, form in a 'U' shape, and push up inside of body cavity.  Glue in place ( I just pour a bit of glue into cavity, and let dry 5 minutes).  **BEFORE GLUING - check to make sure doll height is 51/2 - 6" including boots.  If necessary, shove in 'U' shaped pipe cleaner, put on boots, and measure.  Then keep cutting off a tiny bit of the ends of pipe cleaners, until desired height is reached.  Glue boots on and glue 'U' inside of doll cavity.   Wrap legs with elastic wrap or batting to provide a bit of thickness.  You might also want to cut two small rectangles of scrap material, make into tubes and slide up legs to form 'fake' pants.  The skirt, and coat will cover all, but its nice to know he has 'undies' on.

Clothing Directions.....
**NOTE:  I always dress from the inside out, and bottom to top when possible (I'm a Virgo <G>).

Step 1 - Gown.  Cut out rectangle from burgundy doeskin suede.  The hem doesn't need to be sewn as material does not fray.  Glue side edges together, to form tube.  Gather top of tube, and slide up doll body, to waist.  Tie shut.

Step 2 - Dickey.  Cut out small 'V' shaped piece of solid burgundy material.  Glue on front of neck/chest, wrapping edges around neck to back and glue down.  This piece could be covered up by hair/beard.

Step 3 - Vest.  Cut out vest pattern piece from striped burgundy material.  Glue to front of doll, placing over waist band of gown, and over the top of dickey.  Glue edges to back of doll.  Glue on trim as desired for decoration.  You can also add buttons with beads or fabric paint.

Step 4 - Coat.  Cut out coat pattern piece.   Keep right sides together, sew side edges from hem to wrist.  Turn coat to right side out, place on doll, and add a spot of glue on inside front edges (gently push down to adhere to doll's chest).  This keeps material nicely in place.  Decorate as desired with trims, fur (we cut thin strips of fur-like material), and glued to front coat edges.

Step 5 - Hat.  Cut narrow strip of fur material (about 1").  Fold in half horizontally, and glue.  Roll this trip into a small hat, glue inside to hold shape.

Step 6 - Hair.  Pleat small section of white viscose with pleater.  Glue this strip down on head, from ear to ear (don't worry about a part, as hat covers top of head).  Gently pick hair into place with corsage pin.  Add a bit of hair spray if too many frizzies.  Glue hat on top.

Enjoy!! -
For material pattern, send SASE to

Dana of Miniature Art
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083
(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

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