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In this issue I will show shadowed painting techniques.   These can be done with acrylic or china paints.   The point is how to do it in layers and the colors used.  Mold is Violet  by Stacy Hofman

Enjoy and Happy Creating!

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**PLEASE NOTE** these directions are an 'addition' to last week's basic painting.   
I added several different color techniques to give her that mysterious look 
(yes I know its hard to see without hair <G>).

I used Aleen's 'Soft Grey' & True Lavender, Accent's Classical Bronze &  Roseberry for lips.

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Step 1 - paint in eye whites.

Step 2 - put a couple of light washes of soft grey for shadow above and below whites.

Step 3 - put a line of tan for lid.

Step 4 - while eyes are drying, paint lips.

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Step Five - add liner, lashes, brow.  One step different on her, I used the Classical Bronze paint for her liner and brow, then went over her eyelashes with black.

Step Six - add eyeball as per earlier directions.

To finish (when using acrylic paints), simply spray two light coats with matt acrylic spray.

I have dolls in customer's collections, since my beginning in l989.  These beautiful ACRYLIC painted creations are just as elegant as always.  Some people worry about the acrylic scraping off.  To these people - I ask WHAT are you doing scraping a piece of art?  I personally believe if you take your nail and scrape one of my creations, you get what you deserve <G>.  As long as you treat these dolls as treasures - they will remain looking that way.

But again - to each his own, there is no right or wrong way in art - therein  lies the beauty.


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