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Time Traveler by Dana (Miniature Art)
For Personal Use Only ~ Copyright 2000

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-small sharp scissors
-glue and glue dispenser
-needle and thread

-small scrap of white for dickey and lab coat
-scrap of silk ribbon for necktie
-pearl for cravat pin
-scrap of lightweight wool for vest and pants
-doll body
-pipe cleaners for armature

Step l.  Assemble your doll.   **REMEMBER THIS FACE is painted with acrylic paint.  I have double sealed these, but if you scratch it with your nail, you get what you deserve <G>.   Best hint is simply to cover his head with small plastic bag and twist tie while assembling, dressing.......To assemble, follow directions in your kit (one side is assembly, the other basic wigging).

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Step 2.  Next twist 3 pipe cleaners together, bend, form a "U".  Glue torso to top of U, and one leg in each.  Measure until doll is 6" or less.  Glue on torso and legs.   Next slide pipe cleaner through shoulder holes, and glue on hand to each end.   ""HINT"  hand length - I stand and let my hand fall naturally at my side.  It ends somewhere mid thigh.  This is where doll's hand should be.   Next wrap doll to body proportion desired with elastic gauze.  **NOTE There is room with the pattern to easily adjust to bigger or smaller doll.  Simply add or subtract from simple rectangles.

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Step 3.  Pants.  Cut out two rectangles 3 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide.  Turn under very bottom edge for hem to wrong side and glue.  Next turn under one long side edge to wrong side and glue.  Glue finished side edge over raw side edge to form tube.  Slide up dolls leg to make sure of fit and height.  When satisfied, gently take off and iron front pleat.  ***HINT*** iron also helps set the glue.  Repeat for other leg.   When cool, slide both up dolls legs and gather lightly around waist with needle and thread.

**NOTE** he wears a LONG lab coat and anything from mid thigh up wont show.   So you only need to be concerned with what shows.

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Step 4.  Cut small square out for shirt.  Cut tiny V in front, and glue on like a dikki.  Next take a small, thin rectangle of white cloth material.  Glue both ends to wrong side.  And dry very flat (I press with iron).  Then cut off both edges (no frizzies). 

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Glue rectangle around neck (looks like tab collar).  Take a scrap of silk ribbon, and tie a bow tie (glue pearl for stick pin).  When dry, bend over edges of tab collar so it bends down (see close up of head).  Now cut out square of wool material for vest.  Cut in small V shape and glue edges of V under to wrong side.  Place on doll.

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Step 5.  Cut out lab coat.   Photo shown above of pattern. size is 4 1/2" long from wrist to wrist.  3 1/2" long from neck to hem.  You may need to adjust this according to how tall you make your doll.  Cut basic shape first and then adjust before cutting out of white material.  To the finished coat, I also added a strip of material for collar (made by rectangle with edges turned to the inside and glued).

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Glue or sew edges from cuff to hem.  Turn right side out, and glue under all raw edges.  Slide on doll and overlap front (and glue).  When dry, add a couple of small pin head buttons (I take a large size pin, snip off head with pliers) and glue with a mixture of superglue and zap a gap.
Step 6.  Wigging.   Follow basic wigging directions and instead of leaving long, cut nice clean line around chin length.  After he looks like he has a snob bob, then wet your finger and smooth hair back as desired.  I also layer the front edges to make  it lay nicer.

**HINT** if you can make long sausage curls, and gently wind them around hair line, and lightly press into glue, it will make him look like he has nice wavy hair.   Just be sure to make them FLAT - really squish those waves into the glue (when tacky) so it looks wavy but not like a girl <G>).

Happy Creating!

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