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This adorable 'Granny' is attired in a black floral  jumper and faux knitted sweater.  She has black stockings and a BIG attitude.  Ellie also has a new 'granny' hair do.  She is an avid 'Egger - creator of decorative eggs' and we will be giving the directions for making some beautiful pieces, right in time for the oncoming Easter season.  Ellie also comes with her own wooden tiny egg for you to decorate in the kit. 

~Ellie Egger~

Greetings!  And welcome to our newest FF kit, tailor made for those crafty ladies! 

Ellie is posed with her 'Egg' that she makes, though this doll kit can be easily customized into knitting granny, rubber stamping granny, quilting granny (you get the picture).

Since she is a character doll, Ellie is an excellent beginner project - with very few steps and (in our kit) nicely glueable materials.

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For free pattern sheet send SASE

Dana Sippel
5531 Windsor Dr.
Sheboygan, WI  53083
(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)

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Step 1.  Add a tiny roll of fimo (optional) around top of shoe to make more of a comfy boot for grandma.  Then wrap droopy stockings from old hose around top of feet, making both ends meet  in back and you won't be able to see it when she's sitting.  Paint shoes and add decoration if desired. Step 2.  Make mock scoop T shirt for under sweater -- out of same material as sweater.  Turn neck edges under and glue on doll.

If making from kit, be sure to keep the vertical lines of the knit straight.  This makes for a rich looking twin set.

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Step 3. Cut skirt out of printed material.  Glue into a tube, gather top and slide up to around waist.  This skirt should be slim fitting.   Cut out bib pattern (and then from printed material) and glue on.  Add tiny matching shoulder straps.  Remember this is a CHARACTER doll -- give her a fun personality! Step 4.  Cut out sweater from knit.  Sew seam from hem to wrist.  Glue under front edges and around neck (to make finished edge).   Position doll as desired (we attached ours to a chair filled with egg making goodies).


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Step 5.  Take pre-pleated hair, and following basic wigging directions, lay pleated hair across head, and twist around in back to form nice bun.   We glued on a few strands to make it look 'crafty busy -- i.e. messy) in front.
Step 6.  Twist gold wire around two pins for glasses, and glue on black thread for hangers.  Add accessories as desired.

Now to make those wonderful Easter Eggs, I simply took a wooden egg, painted a layer of fingernail polish on (one of those garish teenager colors), then while THAT was drying, sprinkled on extra fine glitter

After all was dried, glue on jewelry findings, beads or rhinestones as desired.

Happy Creating!

Supplies used
-Painted Porcelain Doll
-brown hair (you can pleat or leave straight as desired)
-stocking material, dress material, sweater material
-Wooden Egg Base and decorations

Optional props



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