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Edwardian Beading
Copyright - September 2000

By Dana of Miniature Art
Dana of Miniature Art

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And Welcome to this week's NEW how to...

Here is a simple step that I use to decorate my dolls, which can easily be done by anyone.   It is simply cutting fine netting, and gluing a bead on to the fringe edge!   To facilitate beading - I use an orange stick (or the kind of pointy stick you use for caramel apples).  Then lick the edge, pick up your no hole bead or rhinestone and place on glue.
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**HINT** I use tacky glue with a pin head of super glue on TOP of drop of tacky glue for holding power.

**HINT** if you glue dries, and you found that some of it remains on your bead/rhinestone, simply coat top with a clear brush of nail polish and instant shine!

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This head shot of my Olivia kit - shows how I simply put a triangle of netting across top of bodice, and around shoulders.  I then covered the raw edges with a line of beads.  Next I did a couple of the dangles described above.  And if you are REALLY observant, you will see that she has netting on her lower sleeves.

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Note for Paris, you can see the netting I literally doubled over, and glued beads to the edges....see the full photo and look at all the wonderful beading outlines!

Again this step is easy, you just need to put dab of glue, quick pick up those beads (one at a time) gently push it into the glue, let dry and do the next!  Easy YES!!   Time consuming YES!!! but look at the results!

**NOTE** Paris is a one of a kind doll and NOT a kit.

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