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L'il Diva

Greetings!  And welcome to the first project of 2002

   This wonderful little girl, with  tons of accessories
   and many creative options was created especially for the beginner...but with enough fun accessories to challenge all.

divafull.jpg (31589 bytes)

   **NOTE   In the photo I have purposely created her eye makeup dark so as to show up in the photo and represent makeup. 

I realize that not many people like this however, so kits will be sold with a softer shadow and brow color. 

If you wish to mirror my doll, simply take out a fine brush and add a few black eye lashes with acrylic paint and you're good to go!
   Happy Creating!

For Personal Use Only ~ Copyright 2002

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Materials Needed:

-Doll Body (we used Doreen Sinnet Body - Gina Bellous Arms/legs)
   -Viscose hair
   -Small piece of cotton
   -Small piece of lace
   -Silk satin
   -Cotton Velveteen
   -Faux Animal Print
   -Various trims and accessories as desired


Assemble the doll using pipe cleaner armature.   Paint shoes desired color with two light coats of acrylic paint.  Seal with acrylic matt sealer

Cut two rectangles out of cotton material for pantaloons.  Glue into tubes, slide up legs and gather around waist.

Cut out slip pattern from cotton material.  Glue under bottom edge for hem, then sew up sides so it forms the wide bottom.

skirt1.jpg (15637 bytes)

skirt2.jpg (18794 bytes) Now gather lots of lace and glue or sew on for frilly wide bottom hem (**NOTE this is the only part of her 'under clothes' that will show so make it pretty!).
**HINT I slipped sewn petticoat over hair spray bottle, and hand pleated/glued lace on to give it fullness just where I wanted it.
Next gather top (around chest) and glue on to doll.  Add band of lace for bodice.   This is effectively her SLIP or under dress and you can make as much or as little show as desired. skirt3.jpg (20751 bytes)
**HINT** when working with glued lace...its is VERY important to glue on, let get semi dry, and then pin in place however you want the folds to fit and the glue will hold the shape.
dress1.jpg (16387 bytes) 3.  Dress-up Skirt
cut out two strips of material, 10 inches x 3/4".  Fold in half, iron fold crease nice and sharp.  Pleat in " pleater each strip (mist lightly with planter mister filled with water and 1 Tablespoon hair spray - to help keep pleats in place), iron pleats.  When cool gently pull out and set aside.
**HINT** - Pleating silk .  I try to use silk satin when making those wonderful pleated decorations.  It has just enough bulk to ensure a nice fit into pleater without slipping....AND thin enough to drape realistically.  When I pleat, I lightly spray with plant mister filled with water and a drop of hair spray.  This doesn't stain anymore than the water, but it holds better.
Next, I iron over the top of the pleats, and then BLOW DRY the pleater so the 'valleys' of the pleats are dried as well as the top.

Cut out skirt pattern, glue under bottom edge including V slit up the side to make for nice finished edge.   Now glue on the two pleats you just made accenting the bottom and up the slit.
dress2.jpg (18766 bytes)
Then glue on tiny tan square trim (be sure to keep straight) and add two roses in corner.
Turn under one back edge (and glue).  Lay that edge on top of other back edge making tube.  Glue together.  Let dry.  Next glue a small piece of lace INSIDE skirt to hide pleated edges.
dress3.jpg (41311 bytes)

You are DONE!!!!!!  Gather top edge, slide on doll and sew tight just below bodice (keep in mind this is her mommy's dress!  Its supposed to look BIG and drapery).   Pin in place folds, and spray lightly with fabric stiffener or glue folds in place.  

**HINT** I say spray LIGHTLY not because the stiffener stains...thats a given.   BUT because the stiffener has a tendency to loosen glued pieces if moved or sprayed too heavily.  Therefore pin everything in position...spray and either blow dry with hair dryer on low or let air dry overnight before touching (i.e. taking out pins and working on next step).
**HINT** for pin holes, after taking each one out, simply take the pin and 'prick' a tiny bit above and below hole to blend together.

Cut small rectangle out of material, fold both edges inward, glue (to give finished edges - think cummerbund) around waist to cover raw waist edges. 

bodice1div.jpg (15002 bytes)

Dress-up Bodice
Cut out bodice piece from cotton velveteen. Glue under edges A, B, C, D, and neckline.   Gently press flat as you are gluing.  This is not HARD!  But take your time or piece will badly fray.
Next slip over dolls head and glue on front and back (A & B) and let dry thoroughly (at least 10 minutes).  Then put tiny edge of glue along sleeve seams and pinch sleeves together with tweezers to make hem.  Let dry another 10 minutes. 

At this point glue pipe cleaner into porcelain arms (put a drop of tacky glue into hole, and add a drop of super glue on top of that - then quickly slide in the pipe cleaner and let dry - about 5 minutes).  Cut small hole in lace bodice to slide in pipe cleaner, (through green bodice sleeves) and glue arm in place.
Arrange green sleeves as desired, again remembering this is SUPPOSED to look big its mommy's!  Next  decorate bodice as desired.  I pleated a bit more of the green satin and glued along edge...then added beaded chain and a rose.

bodice2div.jpg (16484 bytes)

stole.jpg (18751 bytes)

Cut rectangle piece from leopard material. With wrong side up, fold in both edges into center and glue.  Turn to right side and wrap around doll as desired.

Glue on necklace and earrings from silver beaded chain.
Cut out hat pattern on cardboard.  Cover one side of cardboard pattern with glue.   Place on green velveteen.  Cut circle a 1/8" wider so you can glue excess material  to under brim for finished edge.  Now either gather silk or lace to finish underside of hat.  Also gather square of velveteen or silk to add crown to top of hat.  Add accessories as desired.
Curl several pieces of viscose by wrapping around knitting needles (after spraying with plant mister) and blowing dry.  Now gently shove under hat and glue in place.
  If you have any questions,
please email me at

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