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Step 1.  Assemble doll, and paint shoes.  Spray and seal shoes with mat acrylic spray.  Add bow and decoration. Step 2.  Cut out two triangles for panties and glue under edges.  Overlap as shown.
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Step 3.   Cut rectangle out of silky material, glue around torso overlap back edges.   Pinch front. Step 4.   Cut out strip of netting.  Fold in half, and gather.  Sew shut around waist.
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Step 5.   Repeat as many times as desired.  We did two here. Step 6.   Cut another strip of colored netting and repeat.
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Step 7.   Add fancy gold braid along skirt and up onto bodice.  Add pulled gold trim for around neckline as desired. Step 8.   Cut two rectangle strips from patterned netting for sleeves.  Gather tops and sew around shoulder.  Add rest of decorations to dress as desired.

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Step 9.   Wigging,... do basic wig hairline and pull into bun.  Add a few curls and flowers as desired - Enjoy! **HINT** (taken from kit/book)
To make wonderful 'rounded' waves, find one of the OLD pleaters.  See photo below.
The top one has nice rounded ones have straight.

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