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Dana of Miniature Art presents...
Bombshell Betty
MSAT Mini Doll List - February Romance Project
Doll is from a mold by Gina Bellous
Shoes (The FOOT) by Laurie Sisson

For Personal Use ONLY 

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Greetings!  And welcome to our newest Romance project, Bombshell Betty...this late l940's gal is ready to win the masculine hearts in your retro room setting or keep the home fires burning...

Bettie was created for all levels, and leaves plenty of room for the experience to ad lib at will.

Happy Creating!
Dana (

Painting.... I used 8 different acrylic colors to get her face painting/shading.  Besides black and white I used Sable Brown for creases, Trail Tan for lids, Moroccan Red for lips, Bittersweet Chocolate for liner-brows and Leaf Green and Arbor Green for eyes. Shoes... Paint the whole leg tan to simulate nylons.  Then decorate shoe as desired.  I painted black cut pumps, with a band of black suede jeweled by 3 tiny pointed crystal rhinestones.  Make sure to put fingernail polish over black paint to seal and protect.

Assembly... Insert end of wire from Laurie's shoes into doll's torso.  Glue with a mixture of super and tacky glue.  Let dry.  Wrap with elastic wrap for limb shape, make tubes out of batiste for drawers, and tube for tight, knee length slip **Use scalloped hankie for neat edge. Step 1.  Cut rectangle (9 1/2" x 3 1/2") out of skirt/jacket material.  We used a cotton/crepe blend and it drapes and sprays wonderfully!  Glue under bottom edge for hem, and iron flat.  Make into tube, gather top edges and sew on right below waist (to avoid bulk).  Or to make fuller - pleat on pleater.  Spray with fabric stiffener and shape as desired.

Step 2. Cut out jacket from black material.  Sew seam from hem to cuff.  Glue under very bottom edge of jacket for hem, and jacket front.  Pull front so it fits nicely around her cleavage (remember we're adding leopard trim) and overlap front edges and glue.  Position arms after the trim. Step 3.  Add small strip of leopard fur to neckline and cuffs.  Then glue on small piece of suede or leather for belt.  Add decorative belt buckle front if desired, and black rhinestone button for extra pizzaz.


-To make the nice tight cuffs, I first glued the black sleeve (cuffs) to the arm.   Then I cut out the leopard print strip and glued over top.

-I added a bit of fimo for extra shoulder 'pads' you could
probably get the same effect with cotton batting.

-My dolls always seem to turnout a bit 'romantic' if you don't want as much cleavage shown, simply put fur collar further out.

-To make the belt tight and lay flat, simply put a dot of glue, then super glue on top of that and put on end of belt.  Let dry throughly, then wrap the belt around waist, and again put a drop of glue/superglue and cut end flush and press on.  This way you can pull it tight as you wrap and it stays that way.
Simply pull down material when dry if any wrinkles occur.

Wigging 1 - Do basic wigging hairline, smoothing hair back.

I glued hat on to anchor hair when curliing.  Note this can be done later also.

Wigging 2 - Gently mist hair with solution of fabric softner and water (in plant mister).  Roll up hair (either over or under) and blow dry.  We used a size 5 knitting needle for a big curl.

When curl is dry, lightly glue around neck to achieve look.

Hat - Sculpt shape desired out of fimo, and then cover with material.  Note the easiest way I know is to leave a hollow space in fimo and push ends in there to avoid harsh lines.

Decorate as desired - we used a gathered piece of netting, and two feathers for visual interest.


Supplies Used:
-Gina Bellous Miranda Doll Body/arms
-Laurie Sisson's wonderful Foot for a free standing doll
-Black cotton/crepe
-Assorted beads, rhinestones and jewelry findings as shown
-Tiny leopard print trim
-Black feathers/netting for hat
Red flower from Gwen

For a copy of the paper
pattern for jacket, send SASE to
Dana Sippel
5531 Windsor Drive
Sheboygan, WI  53083
(Make sure to include a note stating *which* pattern you are interested in)


Dana of Miniature Art
This project brought to you courtesy of Dana
Specializing in Dolls of Romance

Maintained by Annie Olson

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