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CoFlex Bandage
Doll Kits
Draping Pins
Egg Supplies
Fabric / Trim

Fur / Feathers
Glue Bottles
Horse Tack
Medieval Furniture
Misc. Supplies
Quarter Scale Dolls
Suede Paint
Upholstery Fabric

COFLEX Bandage
I get mine from a supplier I found on the net.( An equestrian supply shop no less ) but the prices are good I think.

Dolls - Finished
Nada C. Ltd. - Nada has a variety of Finished Dolls, Assembled and Wigged Dolls. She also has Bisque Dolls and so, so, many Doll Kits to choose from. GREAT SELECTIONS

Rita McVinnie - Corona Dolls - Rita has a wonderful collection of fine finished dolls of distinction. One of a kind and well worth looking at her site.

Don't forget Michelle Mahler, she has wonderful things on her website too

Doll Kits
I have doll kits available painted or unpainted, or doll parts as they are usually referred to at:

Miniature Dolls, Kits, Sewing & Knitting Patterns

Below I have listed three sources of doll bodies that I have used myself.

Dana of Miniature art
5531 Windsor Dr.
Sheboygan, WI 53083

Next to her high grade porcelain she is one of those who offers slightly flawed pieces for $10.- per body. Dana will also acrylic paint the face on your doll for only $8.- extra. That's a great deal and well worth it for all of us that aren't too sure with a paintbrush yet.

Pat's Pottery and Porcelain
4302 Parkwood DR
San Antonio,TX 78218
LSASE for Pricelist or
$4.50 for catalog

Very extensive catalog of doll bodies, the prices are very reasonable and I have gotten my orders within a week or two of ordering.

8006 Chase Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90045
$3.50 for catalog

I received beautiful porcelain, no flaws whatsoever but it was more expensive. Shipping took about 3 months for an unpainted body.
One last tip that I have come by the hard way. Have some doll bodies on hand. I usually order one or two  more while working on a doll. Suppliers get very busy, things come up and I have had to go " cold Turkey " because I got caught without.

Draping Pins
Cindy suggested I share with you where I got the pins she suggested for draping.
I purchased them at a Toy & Nature store. They are called Ento Pins, you will need size 0. I paid $6.00 for a box containing 100.
I hope this helps anyone who is looking for them.
Egg Supplies
Try this web page for egg supplies. It's great!

Fabric/ Trim
K. Trimming Co.
Store: 519 Broadway, NY, NY 10012
toll free : (800) 705-8746
(212) 431-8929 / 226-3539
Fax: (212) 431-8937
Open Sunday thru Friday...
Mon-Thurs. open until late

I haven't tried the online site so I don't know how good it is. 
"Direct importers of buttons, zippers, rhinestones, elastic, labels, ribbons, asst. trimmings, notions and more"
There's also an address for Corporate Headquarters/Wholesale Div.
225 Grand Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

They do have beautiful luxury fabrics from what I can see although I have yet to order from them. They are located in Brooklyn, NY, but will not let anyone shop in person. I called them & asked. ;-(

I also carry silks, silk ribbon, picot braids, hat straw, Sharon of Ashley dolls also has viscose hair..
Best Wishes

If you want a catalog the address is:
Sandy's Lace and Trims
7417 N. Knoxville
Peoria, Il 61614
Fax 689-1942

There might be a small charge for the catalog. But there is so much in here it is worth it. They have so much more than just trims.

I found that checking out the garage/yard/boot sales is much better, 50 cents to a dollar for silk blouses.  I found a man's leather jacket for only $5.00 and the leather is soft as butter, you can ask my latest swap partners. <g>
Hugs, Elaine

Wonderful peacock feathers can be found here:  

Sharon - This Bird Feather - she has a wonderful collection of feathers, sea findings, fur and so much more.   

Faux Fur
It is listed under supplies at the bottom of the page.
Laurie Sisson

I found this site on the internet. They sell flocking in many colors. They are located in Port St. Lucia Fla. I also found a BB and they stated Flocking could be found in Hobby Lobby as well. I went to their site. But, I could not find it there. It would not come up on their store search. But I was successful with this one. I hope this helps.

Try for flocking. They carry a lot of model car accessories, and I have seen many different colors of flocking for use in car interiors.

They have other furs and feathers too.
Cindy Gates/CG

Glue Bottles
For those that would like to try the glue bottles Michael's carry them. Our store has them in two places. They come in a plastic package and are hung up on a rack. They are put out by plaid, 1large bottle, 1 small bottle, 3 plastic tops and tips and 4 metal tips in 4 size holes.  Our store charges $7.95 for the set. A good buy as a small bottle and 1 tip I have paid over $3 for. The tips cost $1.75 ea wholesale. I'm always misplacing my glue so have developed a good habit now and place my bottle in a votive candle holder upside down so glue is always ready for use. I teach egging so bought all my ladies a votive holder as we can loose a lot of things easily. Glue works best from these bottles if they are kept on the full side. Bettie Frazier

There are some of the traditional sizes Horses that you can use for one inch scale. Depends on what you are doing with the horse and each horse it is. If you want to see all the horses Breyer has go to: and this one
Bev in Colo

Horse Tack
Here is a great site to go to if you are looking for supplies for horse tack.
Bev in Colo

Iron - Miniature
"Miniature Seamstress Pressing Aid "
is available for $ 21.- ppd. USA.
12 Middle St.
South Dartmouth, MA 02748

Lenora's Lamps - she has only 3 kits available for you but they
are really nice and a great Chandelier also.
Medieval Furniture
Misc Supplies
This is the url for Earth and Tree. I understand they have
great service and will answer their e-mails.
Laurie Sisson
Joanna Joseph Molds

Molds for Miniatures 

I found a place on the web that has different sizes of
doll molds all the way down to 2". Here is the URL: 
Hope you find something you like.

Doll Molds
Go to alta and look up House of Caron Molds.....she has all the
molds you will need. You can also access her from my links page on my website. Teresa Glisson is also a fine source of molds. Stacy Hoffman another. Doreen Sinnett is another source, Janna Joseph. Look on the internet under porcelain doll molds and you'll find more information than you probably want!

Doll molds
>...I really like the Doreen Sinnet mold Tina used to pour the doll too. She is very tiny compared to other doll parts I have used from other molds. Definite difference between a Doreen Sinnet and a Stacy Hoffman for example...

There is a huge difference in size between all the so-called 1/12 scale doll molds available...some are small, some are large and some sort of in between but all sold as "1/12 scale"... This gives plenty of choice but can be confusing...and look odd if you happen to be doing a scene with several dolls. Actually it isn't odd.. the other day I stood next to a tiny 4'11" lady (wish I had her figure) and a tall 5'11" young girl while waiting for a prescription at the drug store...I mix sizes often for the sake of reality and it works... my bath house (under construction) has 4 dolls in it ...a large Bellous, a semi large Parker Levi, a small Sinnett and a tiny Glisson... BUT...most miniaturists

prefer all the dolls in a particular scene to be of the same relative size. If you are ordering and want all your doll molds of the same size, you should first check out someone like Jackie Caron (House of Caron) who will happily tell you how each mold "sizes up" against the others.

Stacy Hofman Molds
Last week I ordered a mold from Stacy and it got here yesterday......I can't say enough good things about her molds.....They are a pleasure to work with and clean so easy........I have 2 in the kiln right now <LOL> Thanks Stacy and I'm looking forward to the arms and legs your doing now.

Stacy Hofman Molds
Stacy is a true professional in everything she does, I buy molds from her without even seeing them... I never been disappointed.

doll molds
if you go to my site you'll see links over to House of Caron who specializes in doll molds and supplies, and to Theresa Glisson - a fine doll mold maker. Also Stacy Hoffman of this list makes wonderful molds. Just go to my links page
Georgina Hanford Simmons-Gagnon

Natural Fabrics

If you need a pattern, go to the Dolls in Miniature website and download the printable
pattern. (It's for a Mardi Gras jester but who cares? It's practice.) Then, just
do it!
Rosemary Macedonio

There are LOTS of patterns in the various back issues of the magazine.  To learn more about the magazines, please go to:   and click on the picture of the cover of the magazine and then on the various links.

Go to this site for some wonderful ideas.  Great place to look
Free patterns

Susan Karatjas sdk miniatures Specializing in plants, contemporary furniture, and kits in 1/4", 1/2" and 1" scales.

Quarter Scale Dolls
I thought I'd provide a link to my friends at Shoestring Miniatures who carry my quarter-scale dolls that are featured in that issue.  The little people have already begun to go but I believe there is still quite a collection, including a Halloween witch (!), a family with children and a Vamp (complete with cigarette holder).  Although their web site is still under construction I believe you'll find many beautiful and unique items.  Enjoy your visit!
Diana in Canada

For the tiniest of rhinestones - a PP6 - call 1 800 373 3434  (Craft King) or visit their website at   A package of 12 cost $1 (then of course your shipping). At the last visit to the store - they only carried crystal.


Silk Sources
I went today to an East Indian Fabric shop. they have fabulous silk. And so cheap. I needed white silk for my brides. Got it for $5.50 a yard. I think the only place in Canada you can buy by the yard. I thought that was cheap. They had every color under the rainbow.

Silk Fabric
try your local thrift shops... or good will... look for silk blouses... the larger the more material.


Janet K


Suede Paint
a product called "Soft Flock" that paints on that you can use for gloves and stockings.  It comes in 17 colors and is acid free.  It is $6.00 retail.  You get 5oz of lock fibers and 1oz of colored adhesive which covers approximately 2 square feet.  I use it for stockings, gloves and "suede" accessories.

You can go to your local building supply super store (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) and buy a small can of the suede paint base that they use to mix colors for suede painting walls. Tint it with acrylics and presto, you have suede paint... sort of.. never thought the original looked that much like suede to begin with and this is about the same... the smallest can will give you enough base to last 100 years...

the Suede base from the building store does not need to be steamed.  I use it sometimes for stockings when its thinned way down.

Gilda sells MAGNIFICENT fabric(and laces, ribbons, needles, trims, hat making supplies, straw, buttons, buckles, feathers, etc.) mostly for larger porcelain dollies but the fabric can be used on any size.  She is the nicest person and is sometimes at shows where you can see all her treasures. She has a retail shop and best of all a catalog
(it is not free) but really a great fabric source and well worth the price for reference. Her shop name is:
Gilda's Hello Dolly Shoppe
197 Pond Street
Natick, MA 01760
Phone & fax 508-655-0185

The swatch idea.
You would probably do best with a company like 'Mini Magic' since they are geared toward miniatures prints and such and have bolts of fabric to make swatches....they do charge for a swatch selection but I have found it worth it in most cases. When I buy in 'walk-in' stores I usually get what I can afford and some of the luxury silks are pricey. I hope you understand...cutting that for swatches isn't practical as most of the time I have a specific doll in mind. I make finished dolls and sometimes sell greenware but I don't have room to keep an extensive 'stock' of all kinds of fabrics, although I must admit I will now look for some that I can part with in the future...just to make room.

Dressing the 1/12th scale requires really thin natural fiber fabrics that you can either sew or glue and not add bulk on the dolls. Even the tiniest waists look 'pregnant' if you gather fabric or use synthetics.

There is one source that is TOPS with me...Please know that I have nothing to do with this business except that I love her fabrics...and I hope this is okay to put on this list and
not bore anyone or break any rules.

Gilda sells MAGNIFICENT fabric (and laces, ribbons, needles, trims, hat making supplies, straw, buttons, buckles, feathers, etc.) mostly for larger porcelain dollies but the fabric can be used on any size.  She is the nicest person and is sometimes at shows where you can see all her treasures. She has a retail shop and best of all a catalog (it is not free) but really a great fabric source and well worth the price for reference. Her shop name is:

Gilda's Hello Dolly Shoppe
197 Pond Street
Natick, MA 01760
Phone & fax 508-655-0185

Here are the swatches she has (and I am taking this right from my catalog I bought last fall): Nelo batiste, pima batiste, domestic Lawn, nainsook, voile, Italian organdy, domestic organdy, heirloom dimity, Japanese lawn, cotton broadcloth, satin batiste, linen batiste, crepe de Chine, Metallic Silk Organdy, Shantung, Silk broadcloth, chiffon, Silk Organdy, Mini Cord, Pongee, Dupionni, Taffeta, Charmeuse, China Silk

She has B & W photos of the laces she carries too in true size and will sell 1/4 yards of fabric...unlike some dealers.

I will not tell the fortune my friend and I spent at her table but suffice to say, if you need a reliable source...she is that and more.
Oh, P.S. consider yourself lucky to be in Texas where you can still get leather... the really thin 'sliver' and 'pilver' (I think that's what they are called...are about as scarce as could be here. )There is only one source that I know of to 'feel' in person and they keep  moving! Hey that sounded weird, but ya know what I mean, I hope.

I have several kits for various trunks on my site. Most are 1:12 scale (1" = 1 foot) but a couple of the smaller ones even work for 1:24 scale (1/2" = 1 foot) also. :)

Dragonfly International carries finished trunks and lots of "props" & accessories for doll scenes. Their URL is:

I believe Earth and Tree also carries the trunk kits, as well as some really pretty finished ones. Their URL is:
Hope this helps you in your quest for trunks!
Debbie Jones

Upholstery Fabric
Mini Teddy Bear Material
I did some searching take a look over here

Now something for me to share for a change. There is a great site for people who want to get their viscose or mohair in bulk:- This is the mill where I get my viscose from, there is a downside though, they only sell wholesale so you have to buy each color in one pound weights....thatís a lot of viscose!

Black Viscose can be obtained from Paulette Stinson. You can access her site through my webpage. She has the best viscose around. Soft, natural looking, silky soft, and realistic looking for hair.
Georgina Hanford Simmons-Gagnon
Lone Wolf Mini Creations of Seeley Lake, Montana

Viscose for wigging
I just received my first order of viscose from Paulette.  I am SO happy with the hair - the fibers and nice and long, and the colors are glowing - the hair has different tones of the same color all blended in....and Paulette is a wonderful lady!!
Paulette Stinson:  She sells hair in 9 inch hanks and also by the yard.  I just described the colors I wanted and she sent them.  I think you can also send her a SASE for a sample color sheet.
Whui in Paris


Dana of Miniature Art
Visit Dana's site
Specializing in Dolls of Romance

Please report any broken links to Annie

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