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Cleaning Irons
Closing Fine Tip Applicators

Draping Pins

Draping Tool
Finger Tool
Ironing Boards
Magnifying Light
Micro Tip Marking Pens
Paper Punches / Flowers
Sewing Tools
Wigging Tools

Clay Roller
Read this on another doll making list
You can make 3mm, 4mm up eyes with this for our miniature creations!
Cleaning Irons
In pressing different stuff together, like iron on interfacing, wonder under, I get sticky on the face plate of the iron. I found and iron cleaner.... Faultless Hot Iron cleaner....... works to solve the problem.

Closing fine tip applicators for glue, fray check, etc.
My suggestion is to use knitting needle protectors. You can pick them up anywhere that sells yarn or crochet supplies. Little rubber caps with tiny holes that adjust to fit. They go way down onto the top of the bottle and seal themselves up.

use one of the earring back for pierced ears that is for sensitive ears. I think it was just a cheap pin -- would have turned your ears green too if you had used it.

I use the plastic pieces that come on the price tags of clothes to put in most of the tops of my glue bottles.  Insulin syringes have a small rubber tip on the end of the plunger-
I take these off and stick my pin through it and then in the end of the tip.
It also helps me keep track of the pin. Rubber tip helps keep the air out if the pin isn't tight enough.

Must use stainless Steele pins though. One of the miniaturist at one of our shows said he just lets a bead of glue form on the end of tip when he is done.  The tips do need to be taken off and cleaned occasionally.

Insect pins/Draping
I sell the insect pins. Please send me an e-mail if you're interested. I never seem to get to post for sale day.
Draping Tool
Cork squares (Flat - Tile, like) are great for pinning things to while they dry. Like after you spray a skirt with starch.

Finger Tool
A friend gave me the neatest tool today for cleaning the raw porcelain. It is very tiny has a plastic handle and a wire end that is like a little saw. It is great for fingers. She thought it was called a finger tool. They sure work great.

Traveling ironing board
Today I have a tip and I hope you try it. Ironing board: Make 2 Get yourself a couple of tongue depressors and trim one end to a rounded point, glue a sponge the same shape on the depressor and cover with material pulled tight. Staple or glue tightly. When working on a small table and stopping from time to time to iron a seam or ribbon, use your small travel iron or if you have the wand kind it works great to set off the side of the table, or put under a skirt or sleeve before you run your thread around to put it on the doll. It is great for after putting a little glue on a seam to seal it with the iron and many other uses.  A friend in dolls
Ann K

I found an electric curing iron, with a tiny barrel, that I hadn't used for years. I then rolled a white guest size towel and am using it for an ironing surface. The curling iron is plugged into my surge protector, right by my work area and is ready, whenever I want to iron.

The tiny barrel gets hot enough to press seams and doll garments.  Mine has two settings for the heat and I haven't burned anything, including myself, just yet.

Magnifying light
I know this may be an obvious thing, but when using a magnifying light, it  is best to use the one that has a circular light. It does not cause a glare  onto the doll's face as you're painting and reduces strain on our eyes. Toni

Micro Tip Marking pens
On using the Micro Tip Marking pens- The longer the ink sets the more permanent the ink becomes. I use them on my egg shells as permanent lines on my drawings. Discovered if I wash the pencil lines off to soon off comes the ink. Some Inks will bleed when sprayed with acrylic spray if not left to dry so we wait overnight.  I have used real make up on the half scale Resin dolls . Rub it on and then wipe it off continue till you get the desired effect. Spray as you would acrylics. Experiment ladies and gents Its fun!  A good place to get all the colors makeup you need is at the thrift stores. Can buy them by the bag full. A Rose to play with take a small piece of ribbon and tie a knot turn the ribbon over and tie another knot on top of the one just made. Pull ends of ribbon together under rose and glue cut of tails.

Paper Punches/Flowers
here is some information you are asking for or may need. Hanky Panky Crafts has books on how to make the flowers from the punches.  Web site:  They also, have wonderful punches, pricey though.
Ann K

Here is something I keep on my work bench that I find invaluable.  It is a Quilter's Cut & Press.  It is 18" x 12", padded and has ruler marks along one side and the bottom.  I can pin things to it as well as iron on it. Found it at Wal-Mart.  I use a small travel iron (much better than the full size one) and that wonderful weird iron that has a small "foot".
Patti in Jonesville, MI

Sewing Tools
I wonder if anyone would find it useful to know that there is a teeny tiny iron out there that I bought that I use to press 1/12th doll clothes (and the bigger sizes as well) It's called a "Mini Iron" (duh!) by Clover Needlecraft, Inc. in Carson, CA. It has a sole plate of only an inch or so on a wand that is somewhat like a curling iron (for hair) with a plug. Sorry, I may not be describing this as well as I would like...but I bought it through Nancy's Notions. Clotilde has it to and it's about $25.

Also there is a terrific pressing board I use (actually I have several sizes but this one is great). It's a quilters "Cut and Press" two side board (12" X 12"), padded one side and a rotary cutting board on the other by June Tailor in Richfield, Wisconsin. I bought it at Joanne's Fabric stores. Joanne's is on line too, I believe.  

Sewing Tools
Last year I received a great tool which I use constantly. It's called "Twizzors". It's a combination between a scissors and tweezers which means you squeeze it together in order to make the scissors work. The scissors are very tiny.  These are perfect for cutting in microscopic areas, trimming frayed ends or thread close to the fabric. It's very easy to use.

I sell the pinch scissors or TWIZZORS on my website:
Click on ONLINE CATALOG. Wait for the index to load. Look under MISC TOOLZ & DIY SUPPLIES.
Debbie Jones

Sewing Tools
The little tweezers/scissors is called "Squizzers". I recently got one from Micro-Mark, but I haven't tried using it yet. Is it really that good?
Cheryl C

Sewing Tools
I found a tiny pair of sewing scissors that only cost $1 too. Inexpensive but they have little tips and cut nicely... perfect for cutting small necklines or arm holes. I bought those at Hobby Lobby that last time I was in the U.S.  Joy and sunshine

Sewing Tools
One of the best investments I have made is buying a 5 inch hemostat. For
holding and turning small things it is the best. Never could have finished
a dozen 3 inch rag dolls (from instruction in an old NN) without it.
Sharon B.

Sewing Tools
I have recently purchased the Mini Iron made by Clover Needlecraft, Inc. It is only 3/4" by 1 1/2" and features a variable heat for different fabrics. It is soooo nice to get into those tiny areas.

Sewing Tools
Guess I have to say that my Fiskars softouch, both the large pair and two of the small pair would be my tool treasure. They are so easy on the hands work much like the squeezers. I have one pair for paper and one for fabric. Seems that one or the other is always in my hands no matter what the hobby at the time.

Sewing Tools
HI! One of my favorite tools if a drape stick. This is a ceramic tool, a wooden handle with a needle stuck in it. I love this tool for putting small dots of glue, paint where ever I need them. Also, for holding a trim in position to see if I like it, this gets my fingers out of the way! lol It can be used for SO many things!

Sewing Tool
Just my personal experience here -- I bought this same iron from Michelle awhile back, it's absolutely one of the best little tools I own, don't know how I got along without it. And you can feel confident shopping with Michelle, service is excellent!   Yesterday I made a miniature tailor's ham -- and to think I never knew what one was!!! -- and it helps a lot when used with the iron.  Come to think of it, Sammy Smith has an ingenious device used for ironing our tinies -- now, I don't have one of those, but that reminds me to ask Santa for one!!!  My only problem is accidentally leaning my arm on it when I'm playing and watching TV -- yes, flat learning curve here, have done it several times it do get hot!!!
Pam in Virginia
Wigging Tools
I have a lovely pair of tweezers... with the skinniest little curved ends. They only cost one dollar but you can pick up the tiniest curl, bow or bead and place them exactly where you want them. The curve allows you to be able to see where you are putting it too.
Joy and sunshine


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