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Alice Zinn books
Costuming Books
Fashion Books
Homemade Tip Book
Pattern Books
Shoe books
Susan Sirkis Books

Alice Zinn
I found this information posted to the 1-inch mini group. Those of you that were looking for information on making shoes might find this interesting.  Tom from Earth and Tree is selling these books I guess. I'll see if I can get more info on these books if anyone is interested. They seem very interesting.
Shoe It Yourself Vol 1
by Alice Zinn, 16 pages, patterns and instructions for many different types of footwear, along with special tips to make their construction easier and more fun. Makes bunny slippers, ladies and men’s slippers, canvas Chinese shoes, penny loafers, saddle shoes and shoe box pattern
Shoe It Yourself Vol#2
by Alice Zinn 20 black & white pages with instructions and patterns to make high heeled clogs, tennis shoes, sandals, baby shoes, baby shoe box, leather boots and box
for boots.
Open Sesamini
by Alice Zinn, 23 pages, patterns and instructions and tips for making one-twelfth scale miniatures that do fulfill their purpose, they really open and close.  Create your own purse and its accessories, a wallet, attaché case and even a studio couch, which opens into a double bed.

Costuming BookS
The book which is considered to be the costumer's Bible is: The Mode in Costume...Wilcox.  It not only has a detailed sketch of an era by decade in men's and women's fashion it also explains what is happening in each era in fashion and gives a page of appropriate footwear and hats as well as fabric design. Fabulous reference.
Laurie Sisson

Costuming Book
The other new discovery is the 'La Poupee Modele' book, Volume II. This book contains authentic patterns from the magazine (1868-1885).  Incase you're in the dark about French (me too) roughly its like the doll's doll dressing patterns from the Victorian age. Do you love those French hand sewing techniques, pins, tucks and pleats? (or .. in my case do you love making it LOOK like that?) This book will definitely show you how! Cost is about $70 - but perhaps on your Christmas Wish list.

Museum Costume Book
I live in the UK and I have a book that it my doll making Bible. It's the catalogue of the huge collection at the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London. It's called "Four hundred years of Fashion." It has photos of all the clothes and detailed descriptions of each one. I've done a copy of the "Bar" Dior New Look outfit of 1947, and I couldn't have done it without this book. It details the fabric used in the original. There's also a history of fashion from about 1600, when the collection begins. I know it's still in print, because I've seen it in Museum shops over here. Its ISBN number is 0.00 217190 2 for the paperback. check it out! I love museum catalogues because you get to see the real thing!
Lynne Connolly

Several Books
Of course everyone here knows about Sue Atkinson's Making and Dressing Doll's House Dolls -- love this book but always have to reduce the seam allowance because the patterns are too big! The fine print says the seam allowances are 1/4", so I reduce them on a copier (or on my scanner, then print them out) to make them that much smaller all around. But I always test-fit with a scrap of tissue, since I don't use molds every doll has slightly different needs. The pictures are great for becoming inspired and the posing/scenes give you even more to work with.  My sculpting only took off when I got Making Miniature Dolls with Polymer Clay by Sue Heaser. The step-by-step directions are clear, the illustrations are many and very detailed, and those actual-size templates of how big your doll should be when assembled (one each for men, women, babies and children) I use so often that I copied them and put them under clear plastic so they are clay- and glue-proof. I even use these when I assemble kits now, to make sure my dolls are in proportion and the arms are the right length. The clothing patterns fit great, they are basic ones that you can add as much detail as you want on.  I have a few booklet-type references, like Susan Sirkis' Wishlet book #8, and others on polymer clay; a subscription to Dolls and Miniatures and to Dollhouse Miniatures; and the Internet!! Nothing beats it for reference sources.  And those past Frills and Fancy files? I downloaded them all onto a disc (I have been doing this since then with the current ones too) that I can open up and refer to without tying up the phone line as I peer at the screen, doll in hand.

Fashion Books
Go here for Miniature books lots on dolls and doll making and dressing click on the links to fine videos, books (Susan Sirkus etc. 

This book has it all and I know people mention it all the time but it has a little of everything in it and so many wonderful pictures. I love mine!

Men's Fashion by Jon.J.Mitchell CO. Illustrations from the turn of the Century (1800) Dover Pub. ISBN 0-486-26353-3 I don't know how much I paid here but book marked $9.95 dollars. USA. and Men's Garments 1830 -1900 A Guide to Pattern Cutting by R. Davies (Batford) £25.00 UK ISBN 8-7134-5893-3 Great books to have - I hate dressing men dolls! - but this gives a good insight into the way the coats are cut.
Homemade Tip Book
I copy off all the tips, hints and how-tos. Place them in a binder with dividers for each subject. e.g. wigs. That way I always have all of your expertise at my fingertips.
Instead of buying expensive books, check your local library. If our library doesn't have a certain book, we can request it. Sometimes, they get an intra-library loan, and sometimes they buy it themselves. Not only does this save your pocket book, but expands the selection at the library. Maybe someone else will see the book & get hooked on miniatures too! I've seen many boos this way, & then can decide if I want to add to my own library!
Gabrielle in NC
At Earth and Tree I got a booklet called Open Sesamini by Alice Zinn that shows how to make all sorts of luggage.

I don't think I mentioned this previously on the list -- Dolls in Miniature magazine includes reviews of books, tools, kits, and products (e.g., clays, glues, etc.) If any of you make any kind of kits for sale -- not just doll kits, but also clothing, jewelry, hats, . . . anything related to mini dolls -- and would like to have them reviewed in the magazine, just send them to me at the address shown below. Include price and ordering information so that we can tell the readers.
Rosemary Macedonio, Editor
Dolls in Miniature


Dolls & Miniatures Magazine
Do you subscribe to Dolls & Miniatures? The Winter 98/99 issue had an article describing the steps involved in making porcelain dolls from a commercial mold

Pattern Books
There are two books that I have that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Make and Clothe your own Dollhouse Dolls, by Ellen Bedington ISBN number is 1-55521-920-9 published by Chartwell Books, 96 pages, hard cover.

Making & Dressing Doll's House Dolls in 1/12 Scale, by Sue Atkinson, ISBN number 0 7153 9909 B, published by David & Charles, 188 pages, soft cover.

Both books begin by telling you how to make the dolls (pouring the porcelain slip), construction of the doll, making molds, dressing the dolls, wigging, hats, history of fashions, accessories, jewelry, patterns for all of the outfits in the book.  Recommendation of fabrics, and the preparation of the fabrics and other items used for the article.  Each with complete, step-by-step, directions with pictures or diagrams depicting each step.

Pattern Books
A great book to start with is called "Making & Dressing Dolls' House Dolls" by Sue Atkinson. I had tried several times using different patterns to dress these little dolls and I would get totally frustrated and throw them back on a shelf. Then I found this book. The directions are clear and detailed and it contains instructions on putting together a doll kit to dressing, making shoes, wigs, and accessories. Of course, your first couple of tries should be a simple pattern and they are in there.

Pattern Books
A great book to start with is called "Making & Dressing Dolls' House Dolls" by Sue Atkinson. >>

Pattern Books
"Making & Dressing Doll's House Dolls" is probably the best beginner book widely available at the moment... for US tastes, the patterns tend to be a bit on the large size but if you start by cutting out the pattern pieces from paper toweling, it is easy to alter them to the size you want... Once you get your feet wet following the directions given by Sue Atkinson, you'll discover that there are many other ways of making and dressing dolls...and will chose the way that works best for you!... some people glue, some people won't let a glue bottle near a doll...some people have a horror of a needle and thread... just remember, its the finished result that counts...

Pattern Booklets
Another source of good patterns is from Lolly's Lilliputians. They have a series of booklets with all different wardrobe patterns for mini dolls. I have made several outfits and the instructions are easy to follow.

Their address is:
Lolly's Lilliputians
3655 S. Bear St., #c
Santa Ana, CA 92704

The web site for Lolly's is:
For more patterns, visit the web site for House of Caron:

Books/ patterns
This catalog has a load of patterns in booklets and just patterns. Lot's of Susan Sirkis booklets.  I think there is a website but you have to have at least a $20 order to order online.

If you want a catalog the address is:
Sandy's Lace and Trims
7417 N. Knoxville
Peoria, Il 61614
Fax 689-1942

There might be a small charge for the catalog. But there is so much in here it is worth it. They have so much more than just trims.

There are LOTS of patterns in the various back issues of the magazine.  To learn more about the magazines, please go to: and click on the picture of the cover of the magazine and then on the various links.

Susan Sirkis had a whole little booklet devoted to Ruching at one time. Also other trims were included.... just trimmings. Ribbons roses, ruching, embroidery all in miniature... Great book! Also her video on how to dress miniature dolls was excellent as she showed you how to do it on tape.
I found the following book at an art/craft store in the painting area "jillybeans art made easy" " faces made easy" this is around 10.00 and it is also wonderful if you need help with facial proportions and hair styles.

Heirloom Sewing
I discovered heirloom sewing a few years ago, after sewing almost all my life. I felt I'd tried everything, and then I came across one of Martha Pullens' books. I was into big dolls at the time, and this opened up a whole new avenue!

Needlecrafts Book
Good Morning, My tip for today is the most wonderful book--Dolls' House Needlecrafts by Venus A. Dodge; published in 1995 by David & Charles It is a British book but I purchased my copy in the states. I suppose it is mostly for Doll houses but there are items of clothing in it and many accessories for doll from toys for the tiny baby to aprons for the elderly. I love this book and would take it along with me if I were to be marooned on a desert island. I'm not sure if it is still in print but I would think it could be found thorough a used book search.
Wee hugs, Patsy

Shoe books
The title is THE ART OF MAKING BEAUTIFUL FASHION DOLL SHOES. The author is Timothy J. Alberts & M. Dalton King with Pat Henry. It is published by Hobby House Press, Inc., 1 Corporate Drive, Grantsville, MD 21536. 1-800-554-1447. Website is . The price was $24.95.

I made an interesting discovery today. The gal that does "Just the Right Shoe" has a magazine. She does do extensive research into the shoes that she replicates and is willing to share the information. The Premiere Issue had quite a bit of information about the clothes of the Roaring Twenties" and some of the fashion trends that have come back to haunt us again.

The people that are interested in that period might want to look into a copy of that issue. The price was $3.95 and well worth it IMHO.

Her website is  If you have not seen her collection, take a moment to look. It will make you smile!
Donna Beeken

Susan Sirkis
I have the Susan Sirkis- Making Trims book on my site.
Michelle Geoffrion-Mahler

Susan Sirkis and Marie Wheat
Of patterns that I adore, I love Marie Wheat's patterns the best. NOT for beginners though, some of them are very, very intricate and call for doll bodies that are very slender. Susan's patterns are very similar. Her books are treasure-troves containing not only patterns, but hairstyles, hats, capes, accessories, etc. I have all of her miniature doll dressing books, and some for 10" dolls. While I do not have molds for 10" dolls, I do have some old 10" dolls that I got from AVON many years ago - 5 of them -, which I removed the tacky clothing that came on them, and have made them many multiple wardrobes. I call these my "closet" dolls, because I enjoy playing with them when no one can see me...

Marie Wheat's books are very intense, very historically done, and very accurate. The directions are intricate and beautifully done. The tiny pattern pieces some of which are only 1/4" wide or so call for specific kinds of fabrics. Her wedding gowns are fabulous as are her Victorian style dresses and such. The details! Fabulous!!

Susan Sirkis trim book
This book is where I learned how to ruche ribbon! This book is so awesome, it has so many trimming techniques, a few of which I've used. I highly recommend it!!
Hugs, Cindy

Does anyone know where to obtain the wishlet books by Susan Sirkis?
They are
excellent books I know that Tom from Earth and Tree has a bunch of them in his store in NH.
The url to his site is:
He has a fabulous miniature store that I always visit when I go to NH. You could probably buy them from him.
Also a great miniature bookstore can be found here:
If you look under Miniature Dolls there are a bunch of Susan Sirkus books.

A while back, someone was asking about doll videos. I was able to get both of Viola's wigging videos from "Mindstorm Productions, Inc."

I also got one of Sue Atkinson's doll dressing videos from Mott's Mini's in CA. I had wonderful service from Mindstorm and they were a pleasure to do business with. However, I cannot give Mott's any such praise. On Aug. 10th, I ordered four videos from them. After repeated emails to them, which they take two days to answer, I have one video in my possession and have just cancelled the balance of my order with them. I figured that I was more than patient waiting 2 1/2 months for them to fill my order. You can find them at  If you decide to order from them, I would suggest that you send them an email first asking if the videos are in stock before you order.  I was able to get "Sue Atkinson's Dolls House Dress Making Part 2" which covers assembly, shoes and wigs. I am still searching for her part 1 video. When I have secured it in my hands, I will pass along that info as well. I hope this helped the person(s) who were searching also.
Jean In Apollo Beach, FL,

I have both of Sue Atkinson's videos and I think I got them from either or Barnes and Noble. Try doing a search there. I got them years ago so I'm not sure exactly where I got them but I know it wasn't from Motts. Her videos are great and you can learn a lot from them, however, I had a hard time with the sound from my video. Perhaps because it was ancient by the time I got it!!!

Miniature How-to-videos
Sue Atkinson also has a compatible set of video's that are wonderful as well

Miniature How-to-videos
Viola Williams videos "Let's Make a Bride" and "Wigging Miniature Women" You can learn so much from videos. Sort of like taking a workshop.

Catalogs and Videos
I get a catalog from Franklin Mint every couple of months and they have the most beautiful doll pictures in it. I save each of these catalogs and have used them so many times for costume ideas or even wigging. They have Gibson girl dolls, Scarlet O'Hara and little girls. I also have A booklet by Beverly Parker called "Crowning Glory A Complete Guide to Miniature Wig making. I also use videos, I have the Sue Atkinson Video which I think is just alright but the video by Viola Williams on wigging miniature dolls is great.

The best two sources to have on hand (I think) for learning how to wig a mini doll is a book called Crowning Glory by Parker Levi and a video called Wigging Miniature Women by Viola Williams produced my Mindstorm Productions. Everything that I do is what I learned from these two sources.
Hugs, Cindy G.

Wigging Books
A couple of good books on wigging are Crowning Glory the Complete Guide to Miniature Wig making by Parker Levi and Mini Wig making by Janna Joseph.
Sharon Booker


Dana of Miniature Art
Visit Dana's site
Specializing in Dolls of Romance

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